Any plans to integrate AI, like ChatGPT?


I trialled ChatGPT integrated into Nation last week and WOW, absolutely fantastic. Notion isn’t my daily driver and I only really used it since I got a change to trial the integrated AI. Any chance that AI integration is on the cards for Agenda? I’d gladly stump up a few more $$


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Personally I wouldn’t pay more. I don’t think Agenda needs any not ready for prime time eye candy. I get that it’s a fashionable addition for some devs and a lot of people are having fun with it but…


We are aware of this trend, and have been playing with it. Not sure how serious to take it yet, but we will keep it in mind. It would be quite easy to integrate, but we would have to consider how to pay for it.


I’ve been an avid user of ChatGPT since the start and forcing myself to keep finiding use-cases. I have a ton now :slight_smile:

I have played with Notion as well and find it pretty useful. I think it’s worth to consider bringing OpenAI’s toolkit to Agenda.

Can you give us some examples of use cases you’ve found valuable? I think that people need to see how generative AI would help in a note-taking app.

How about a usage based model. Users buy usage credits from you and then they can use it as ittle or as much as they want, and buy more credits when needed. Or not use it at all. And that gives you a little more recurring revenue. Every notetaking app is going to have it. I don’t think Agenda willl want to be left out.

Not ruling anything out, but also don’t want to jump on the hype just for the sake of it. Want to understand the use cases better.

I have been using it myself for a few things, but I haven’t really thought at any point “I must have this in Agenda”. I just use it on the web site and copy over the results.

As for sales models, we would have to think about that. Don’t want to complicate things. Would depend on the price as to whether we would work it into existing plans, or would need some separate purchase. A separate purchase is more work in the sense that it introduces a lot of new UI to support the purchase.

We’ll see what others are doing, and see if we think it makes sense. Pretty early days.

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I understand completely. I use it to summarize my notes and I must say it is quite helpful. Just my 2 cents.

I keep my writing and social posts on agenda but have recently been writing in Notion then using AI for refining and recommendations.

I’ve also summarised notes and pulled out action points from meeting minutes.

I keep random notes in Agenda but sometimes Google further information or facts. It would be useful to leverage AI to directly insert information.

I not sure that the website is going to contiue to be free. I thnk it’s just available now as a preview.

IDK why increased payment should be in consideration at all, after new premium scheme. I love agenda, really, but hey, i am not printing money, especially after Agenda got notion’s price tag (which a bit overprice without any excuses, notion is simply way larger and wider thing, even without any AI tech) Agenda is awesome, but it’s awesome for taking notes, linking notes with time via events etc., plus its very nice option for moderate sized personal database/wiki (convenient tags, interlinked notes, code snippets and many other lovely stuff for which Agenda definitely should be given credit), but it Notion is… i mean, not that it’s better, it’s larger. On any perspective. Its not necessary will be a better option for abstract user, no, but i guess if everyone have to pick just one Notion going to win because of so much larger scope.

And while i was using it for free via code, and decided to purchase afterwards, apple put Cubox on App Store homepage, and damn, its also very professional and polished app, with one subscription covers all, iOS, iPad OS, Macs and even WatchOS, for 15 bucks a year if you accepting offer from iPhone (and its absolutely the same as 2.5 times more expensive one, i talked to support and got confirmation), app is kind of notion competitor, and i probably wont surprise you if I’ll say that they rolled out AI assistant same week Notion did. And have i told you about price increase? No? Ah, because there is none.

The summarization idea is interesting. Hadn’t really considered that.

If I understand how people are using it, it falls into these basic categories:

  • Summarize a chunk of text
  • Generate some text on some topic
  • Select a chunk of text and ask for improvements (?)

Other use cases or details about above?

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I’ve seen translate (to another language).
Improve writing, which I do use.
Spelling and grammar.
Change tone.

Thanks! Useful.