Any plans to integrate AI, like ChatGPT?

Indeed this space will evolve quickly and we’re certainly paying attention. We feel that another type of interaction than the kind shown here makes a lot more sense, but after playing with it a bit this weekend our conclusion is that it’s around the corner but just not there yet, there are a few too many hurdles still at the moment to do this in the way we feel is what we’re looking for. So, stay tuned I guess is the best thing to say!


That is kinda my point. It is evolving very quickly. If we set in too early with how we think this is going to go, we will just end up having to change it all. WWDC is a month or so away, and I can’t really believe Apple will have no response to all of this.

That’s an example of something we couldn’t do. We don’t have access to any information outside of Agenda. We can’t index your hard disk due to privacy restrictions.

Only a platform owner like Microsoft, Apple or Google could do this. That is why I think we will see things like Spotlight and Siri improve with this functionality. We can then integrate better with those services, and you will get your wish.

I think they have to do this in some way, yes.

We can wait. It’s a hype right now. Some apps want to be seen as the AI app. Let them. That is not our focus.

But will it come into Agenda at some point? No doubt. More likely via Apple system improvements though. And if not via that route, it will be when we see clear indications of a good direction in other apps. But it is still too early to see those. I’m not fully convinced by the use cases so far developed, and the UI implementations.


I’m currently a macstories club member and they already made a chatgpt powerful shortcut called s-gpt, that can interact with your phone apps, mac, ipad. I’m working to integrate it with agenda, but I’m waiting for Federico to add the text output after the shortcut is run (an upcoming confirmed feature), so we can add it to an agenda note. I’ll post it here once it gets done. S-gpt can read web articles, create playlists and more and more features gets added everytime. It will be better then notion AI in that case

Sounds good. At least a good way to experiment.

I don’t think any of this is going to land soon. The stuff apps are adding now will probably be completely rethought within a year. I expect the platform owners (Microsoft, Apple) to play a big role, and eventually all these plugins and custom apps will probably be supplanted by OS functionality. That’s my opinion anyway.


For Agenda users that are on subscription plans it can be tiered at different levels that corroborate with your pricing model and ChatGPT models 3.5, 4, 4-Turbo.

Agemda users that opted on your lifetime purchase, maybe have tiers of Ai subscriptions that cover the Ai usage as well as a slice of the pie to divvy to Agenda.

Also, maybe bring your own OpenAi API would be awesome for users that already have ChatGPT+ :blush:

Love this idea!!! Know Apple is late to the Ai scene, but with the rumors on fire for end of year details… thinking Agenda is looking at some serious awesomeness utilizing what Apple bakes into their iOS and macOS!

Hype mode getting hyped :fire:

ai would be great. As long as all costs are covered by the users for an additional programmer or two to cover the development time, maintenance, and infrastructure so that The Agenda Notes app can continue a timely development pace of the intended product.

I think the agenda developers should concentrate more on the error-free and stable agenda before new sources of error arise. When I look at the support posts, I still see a lot of work to be done. There are also many new features in the todo list that have not yet been implemented. I don’t want to use AI in Agenda at the moment and in the future I would like to decide for myself whether to activate AI in the app.


Indeed, there are strong rumors Apple is coming with more AI. Will no doubt hear more in June, and see if it helps us.

I think AI probably only does get really good for an app like ours when it knows your data. In that sense, a device specific AI from Apple would help a lot.

The way things are now, it is mostly generic, and putting it inside of Agenda doesn’t add much. I use ChatGPT quite a bit, and always just go to the browser. Even if I had the choice, I doubt I would want those chats in my Agenda, since a lot of the time they are more like searches or brainstorming — nothing I want to keep. And if I do want to keep it, copy and paste works well.


I have extensively experimented with all of these tools. It’s always interesting, but I haven’t seen anything integrated into tools like Craft or NotePlan that actually adds any meaningful functionality. I prefer integrating AI into my workflow through external tools like Raycast or Elephas. I believe that whatever Apple releases later this year will be the integration we truly need. What I see being placed in these tools is simply to add the buzz of AI, but I have yet to see it integrated in a way that adds real value. Perhaps something that would impress me is the ability to chat with my notes. I’m not sure how useful that would be, but it’s something I would like to try out. MEM does this, but so far I have found it to be of limited use.

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Exactly. I see possibilities in terms of different ways to query/search your data. Improved spotlight effectively. That you could indeed pose questions instead of just search for a word or tag. Maybe even make vague searches that relate to things like mood or style. But all of these depend on putting your notes into the AI, and to do that in a fast and cheap way, we really need Apple to enter the fray.

If the hints given by Apple pan out, we will get on-device AI tools. Hopefully, they will make it a framework like Metal for graphics or some of their other frameworks–and–make it available to developers immediately.

Assuming they do, here are some use cases for Agenda:

Personalized Content Creation: Generative AI could analyze users’ writing styles and preferences to suggest personalized content, making note creation faster and more in line with the user’s tone and style.

Efficient Data Organization: AI capabilities could automatically categorize and tag notes based on their content, making it easier for users to organize and find specific notes.

Summarization and Highlighting : AI could provide summaries of longer notes or documents, highlighting key points and making it easier to review important information quickly.

Language Translation and Accessibility: Generative AI could offer real-time translation and accessibility options, making notes understandable in multiple languages and accessible to users with disabilities.

Smart Reminders and Follow-ups: By understanding the content of notes, AI can suggest reminders or follow-up actions, helping users manage their tasks and deadlines more effectively.

Innovative Note-Taking Methods: Generative AI could introduce new note-taking formats, such as mind maps or concept charts, generated automatically based on the note content, offering users creative ways to visualize information.

Then there are use cases for specific fields like being an author that writes books or research papers:

Automated Research Assistance: Generative AI can help authors gather and summarize relevant information on a given topic, pulling from various sources to compile comprehensive background material for their books or papers.

Idea Generation and Brainstorming: Authors can use AI to generate ideas, plot points, or research questions based on initial inputs, helping to overcome writer’s block and spark creativity.

Writing and Editing Assistance: AI can suggest improvements in grammar, style, and coherence, making the editing process faster and helping authors refine their manuscripts with less effort.

Reference Management: For academic writing, generative AI can assist in managing citations and references, ensuring that all sources are correctly cited and formatted according to relevant academic standards. It can search for missing information or just alert the author to what information is missing and ask for instructions.

Data Analysis and Visualization: In research papers involving quantitative data, AI can assist in analyzing data sets and generating charts or graphs directly within the note-taking application, making it easier to incorporate findings into the paper. Drew Crew will not have to develop the ability to generate graphs/charts in-house.

Structured Outlining: Authors can use AI to create detailed outlines for their manuscripts, organizing chapters, sections, and key points in a logical order to guide the writing process.

Drafting Abstracts and Summaries : Generative AI can help authors draft abstracts or summaries of their work, capturing the essence of their research or narrative in a concise and compelling manner.

Collaboration Enhancement: AI can facilitate collaboration among co-authors or research teams by summarizing contributions, suggesting integrations, and ensuring consistency across different sections of a manuscript.

Publishing and Submission Guidance: Generative AI can offer advice on suitable publishers, journals, or literary agents based on the manuscript’s content and the author’s goals, including preparing submission materials according to specific guidelines.

Appreciate the ideas! Almost seems like you might have got some help from AI. I will need some AI to summarize it all :slight_smile:

Joking aside, you are right there are plenty of things we can do with it in Agenda. We need to wait to see what Apple’s take is, and then decide what makes most sense in terms of priorities. Most new features can take weeks or months to realize, so adding all that in one hit would be a challenge.

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Yes, indeed I did use AI assistance! I have no shame in using a tool that helps me be be better/faster.

I agree that we need to see what Apple is going to do AI integration. I’ll restate my hope that they provide a Core technology that all developers can use in their products and I hope that it will primarily be run locally.

I also hope that Apple works on providing better AppleScript/Shortcut support to their own apps and operating systems. It will be much easier to use AI to automate tasks if there are hooks ready to go. I think you have done a good job with Shortcuts and hope you will continue building it out.

I’ve started transitioning away from apps with little to no automation support (AppleScript/Shortcuts) because of what AI enables me to do. I can well imagine AI usefulness in Agenda, but I really get excited about and automation using Agenda for gathering information and doing things with it.

ChatGPT (or any cloud AI service) API integration is unnecessary. Not only are on-device AI capabilities likely to be announced next week, but it is already possible to implement workflows that utilize Shortcuts together with the functionality exposed by the official chatGPT, Bing apps as well as the several on device AI chat bots like MLC-Char.

Fans of Microsoft CoPilot, for instance, can use the CoPilot functionality built into Microsoft’s Swyftkey keyboard etc.

I’d like to see Agenda’s devs focus on the core use cases, while taking maximum advantage of the rich APIs in the latest Apple OS versions.

Yes, that is our thinking too. If we come up with a use for AI that isn’t just a gimmick, we’ll certainly consider it. For now, you can very easily copy things over from ChatGPT, or automate yourself with shortcuts.

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I believe today’s WWDC ends that discussion.

ps: try to add new apple notes capabilities to agenda sketches (calculator and smart script). IDK if that is possible, but anyways, just a thought

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I need to look into it, but wouldn’t surprise me if the smart script stuff is all under Apple’s control for now, with no 3rd party support.

One thing that is available to us is the image creation. Not too exciting, but something. And the text tools of course.

Looks like there might also be some nice integration with Siri and Spotlight.

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Integrating agenda to spotlight came in the right time

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Once Apple Intelligence is added (in the fall probably iOS version 18.1), stuff like Writing Tools should pretty much Just Work Check out this session …