Alias Notes

I have the following suggestion: Implement a function to save notes as an alias in several projects; similar to DEVONthink.


It’s an interesting idea. Will keep it in mind.

Note that you can already link to other notes, and save searches for tags. These an help a bit with cross project navigation. Not exactly what you want, but related.

Tagging in Agenda is rudimentary at best. It can check the “Tags” column. It like like me claiming I have a car, when all I have is a golf cart.

Well, it is actually very powerful in combination with saved searches. You can create cross project collections just by setting up the search, and then adding a tag to notes you want in that group. This system is extremely flexible, and allows you to use the app in many different ways.

True. It is powerful. Perhaps it would help if I were more accurate. The tag management is rudimentary. There is no record or assistance for what has been created for tags. So you may have 10 different variations on the same tag. That makes is very difficult to use. A great example is perhaps a person tag (specialized but relevant).

Did I tag someone as first name, middle name, last name, nick name, first name/last name, last name, first name, etc.

Without better management and intelligent assistance to manage the tags and the items tagged (e.g. merging items that have similar but different tags that are all meant to be the same) tagging just becomes a mess.

In fact, because of this I use the folder system (Category/Project) almost exclusively.

Tagging in Agenda is more or less a tease of what should be there.

Yes, tag management is indeed rudimentary, something we hope to address in 2020, see also The features we are working on right now…

I appreciate your response. Honesty is one of the reasons that I use Agenda.

I don’t pretend to know what plans you have, but I can say that (using the term loosely) "tag cloud” has been very helpful to me. So far, Evernote’s has been the best, but then I don’t explore as much as I used to there there may be better methods.

I look forward to seeing that you guys come up with next.

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