Agenda UI speed and performance

Hey guys!

I recently moved to agenda. And I see that agenda being native app, is still lacks of speed and performance. I compare agenda with Bear app - and bear is far more speedy.
I have MacBook Pro 16 (2019) with 16gb ram - so the hard is not the issue. And also I have few notes on board.

Here the use cases where I see lags in interactions:

  • switching between projects - when I click on project it takes couple milliseconds to switch
  • switching to agenda/today view - always requires up to 1 second to render
  • creating notes and assigning dates - also have lags.

So the question is this me only have such problems? :frowning:


Can you define “I have few notes on board”? Also, how long is the content in these notes? And do you make use of a lot of attachments or tags? This all to get a better feel of how much content you have.

I have 30 notes for now across all three projects. I have one project for journaling - the note length usually beetween 200-400 words per note ( i have 11 notes here)
I don’t use attachements, but I use a few tags : have 2 hashtags, and 3-4 person tags. Usually it’s like 2-3 tags per note. But I don’t put them regulary. (depends on context)
I use one project as to-do list - so it’s filled with notes with todo lists and i don’t make much notes in there just todos


I consider myself as a very regular, maybe even more heavy user.
Though I like the app and the functionality very much, my biggest problem is performance. Scrolling as well as opening a note takes quite a lot of delay time.
And also spontaneous ‘magnetic’ jumping of my cursor when typing or adding text to an existing note.

Performance has always been an issue for me, but my library appears to be outpacing whatever optimization is being done. I imagine I’d be considered a heavy user, as I’m on calls all day and take very detailed notes. I probably average a handful of screenshots a day also. The images are a certainly one cause of delay, but not the only cause. It seems to help if I break up folders into many subfolders, but I’m not certain

The performance issues are starting to make Agenda almost unusable for me. I experience a notable delay between swtiching between projects (sometimes up to 4 or 5 seconds with a project with 70 all text notes). On top of that, there is a delay when clicking on a note to edit it.

Overall it seems the more I use agenda the more the worse the performance of the app. I was hoping that I could use Agenda for the long term, but right now it feels like a slow death.

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If it helps, it seems to me that the performance on the iOS and iPadOS app is better than on macOS. That alone made me tend to use Agenda on these two devices, rather than my Mac. (Coincide nicely since I always have them with me so no problem with that)

Of course, more performance and speed on these two would also be very much welcomed. :slight_smile:

The upcoming version 11 update should bring a number of performance improvements when switching between projects, we hope to further improve it in following updates as we plan to get rework some of the components that limit the performance, especially when switching projects.


Same here. Overall app idea is great, but realisation is far from perfect. It’s almost unusable with several calendars shown on the sidebar, but even without them I feel significant delays when typing!
It’s 2020, I’m running 16" macbook pro with 8 core i9 CPU and 32 gigs of ram, but typing lags on a simple note-taking app!
This reminds me a good old blog post:


Yeah, I like the setup and organization of Agenda, especially the continuous scrolling modus. But performance for me is becoming unacceptable. Even more when working with colleagues in real time. Long delay times when switching and searching.
Also quick notes are almost impossible.
I consider myself as a very regular/heavy user. I almost log everything in Agenda.

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As said, best to re-evaluate after v11 is out. Having said that, especially for heavy loggers with lots of short notes, try not to let the number of notes per project grow endlessly, ideally keeping them to less than 100 per project.

It is not just you. For some reason, the 2020 edition is when I noticed slowness. Jankyness, jitter, and performance problems

This advice is really problematic. Agenda is supposed to be a professional tool.

Advising users to keep <100 notes per project does not reflect the way that many people like to use note apps. It’s also not advice I’ve seen (or has been necessary) for any other alternative app (e.g. Apple Notes, Bear, Ulysses, NVAlt, Evernote etc)

I’m a paid Agenda customer, but have reluctantly been using Apple Notes for many months - because Agenda has became unusably slow. I prefer Agenda in every other respect. It’s beautifully designed, and the fusion of calendars, tasks and notes reflects my preferred way of working.

I really hope v11 will improve things and I can return to using Agenda. But it’s important to be clear that, at least in my experience (and the experience of others who’ve commented on these forums) the performance issues affect interactions throughout the app. Switching between projects is just one interaction of many which are currently much much too slow, and certainly not appropriate to a paid / professional app.

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I don’t even have 100 notes spread across all my projects and it’s slow and sluggish. Up to a point one can’t really use it. It’s supposed to be a note taking application which in turn I expect to be fast and responsive. Jotting down a quick note is hardly do-able, so getting it quickly of your mind is nearly impossible. I’m a paid user, but I’m starting to regret this tbh. Not just for the lagginess, but also for other issues that have been around/returning like the text window not showing all text (sometimes).

As said, and while we are not done yet, you should notice significant improvements and much better performance in version 11.

Eagerly awaiting the performance boost. Some days it is worse than others. That makes me think it is a bug, rather than a design limitation.

Given how processor heavy it is, probably easier explained by how much other things are going on on your machine. Version 11 is a world of difference though.