Jankyness, jitter, and performance problems

I am running into the following bugs on a daily basis:

  • sometimes, I copy some text, copy it, then go to paste it in another note, and it pastes the whole original note I was copying from as a new note

  • switching between notebooks is very laggy. to the point where it is starting to make the app feel frustrating and unusable for me

  • sometimes when I am scrolling a notebook I experience lag or jitter

  • sometimes the content of a note will take a second or two to show up even though the title is visible and the note window/canvas is visible

  • sometimes, when I am scrolling a notebook, Agenda will bounce me back to the location I started at (usually the top). so even though I’m trying to scroll down the notebook, as soon as I finish scrolling, the page will be yanked back so I’m back where I was

  • sometimes if I type some text, and then hit the undo key combo, the screen will jank me up/down/somewhere else and show me the top of the note, or the top of another note. or something. I don’t expect

this happened once:

  • the content of a note wasn’t scrolled in properly. as in, it looks like there’s an iframe with the note content, and it’s somehow managed to get scrolled down a bit so the top 200px or whatever of the note content is hidden above the fold and there’s no obvious way to get it back besides, idk, switching notebooks and switching back or something (I can’t remember exactly)

all of these issues feel like performance issues to me? but that’s my gut instinct, but, I’m using a macbook air purchased late 2019. 1.6 ghz dual core, 16gb ram. and I’ve only just started using Agenda, so I’m hoping it’s not because I have too many notes

is any of this known about?

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What is the number of notes you have in a project and/or the length of your notes? The app hasn’t been optimised for say hundreds of notes per projects, nor single notes that span say multiple pages of text. There’s quite a big range for either notes per projects and content per note that works well, but if you start moving to the extremes you might start to hit the symptoms you describe.

I have a main project (an hourly work log) I switch to and from quite a lot that has 127 notes in it and that will grow by about 5 or more notes per day. perhaps I ought to create a new project each month and archive them, to keep the note counts small

my notes typically fit on one screen, but some notes do indeed span maybe 2-4 screens

is this what you’d consider extreme? do you have any tips? and/or do you know when or if Agenda will be better able to handle such active use

also, is it the total number of notes per project that matters? or total number of notes? because if it’s the former, I can start to think about how to split my projects up by month, or what have you. if it is the latter, I don’t know what to do

It indeed sounds you’re pushing Agenda to the limits. Just to be clear, we do have a series of performance improvements planned that hopefully make things better, but till that time it’s indeed good to keep notes not much longer than about 2-3 pages, and below 100 notes per project. In your case it’s probably the number of notes per project that is a bigger problem than the length of the notes.

I also use Agenda as a daily log. One project per month, and one note per day. A couple weeks into the month, it begins to slow down so much that I dread the spinning beachball.