Agenda major update!

wondering if Agenda dev team have any info to share about next major release of Agenda! Like a new features, new editing tools, new ways to view notes!..

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We are working on the next two major versions now. They are related to some extent.

First off the blocks, in the next couple of months, is Agenda 19. That is all about much nicer Search. It’s looking really good. You can also make very powerful overviews with it, which allows for quite advanced systems to be used.

Beyond that, later this year, Agenda 20 will concentrate on paragraph level things. Eg. collapsing of paragraphs, and filtering of paragraphs so you see “summarized” views of notes. That’s still a way off though.


That’s great to hear! It sounds like a really nice plan. Can’t wait!

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Don’t forget to leave room in your development schedule for the inevitable interruption that is due to happen from whatever AI strategy Apple drops.

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We always leave the summer for our post-WWDC work, with a release in September. No need to worry. :slight_smile:


Very smart.

I’m here to back this notion :100:

Must be soon for the new search function release no?

Better late than half baked🥸
Would you determine a recipe done just because you were hungry?

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That’s a feature I expect too. We talked about note embedding before, it is a welcome idea, if the development of more paragraph view options allow that to happen