Agenda, Is it for me?



Hello. I’m an eye care professional with the following jobs. Is Agenda good for me ?

  1. visiting many patients every day and scheduling them for the future visits.Then need to write their dossiers and appointments for the future visits and calendar reminder.

  2. reading some medical references every day. Then need to note taking with group and subgroup classification.


Definitely! Can I suggest you enter those things as Categories? That will give you lots of space to have, for example, a Project for every patient, and whatever you want to put in Notes for each one.

You can tag each appointment, etc, with a date, and each day put tomorrow’s appointments On The Schedule so you can see at a glance what you have upcoming.

In your Study Category, you can add each subject or each publication as a Project, & make whatever Notes you like on it. You can also tag them for cross-reference, if it helps.

I’ve been using Agenda for a month now, to cover both professional & personal objectives. It’s the most versatile & configurable app I’ve ever used, & I love it :blush:


Thanks Zoe !
But some questions are dissolved for me:

  1. how can I tag appointments with date ?
  2. how can I add images into a note?
  3. how can I displace one of projects up or down in project lists?

  1. do you recommend me upgrade to premium version ?
  2. Im worried about missing my projects and notes of my patients after years. No need to back up ?

  1. Which is more comprehensive ? Agenda or Notability ?

  1. Click on your Note, then click on the little calendar icon in the top right-hand corner (I’m using iOS, so I’m assuming things are in the same place on Mac). When the calendar appears, go to the date you want, then in the top right-hand corner of that screen and click on Assign Date. If you have an event shown for that date that you want to link to, go to the bottom of the screen and click on Link Date To Calendar Event, then select the event you want to link to (in the Premium version you can directly add to your Calendar an event to link to, but in the free one you need to go to your system calendar to do that. As I imagine that you simply want to link your Note to the date, though, I doubt that will be a problem). Another way is to add a hashtag to your Note, eg #July8. If you then do a search for #July8, you’ll see all the Notes which include that tag. This can be quite useful sometimes when you don’t want to clutter up your calendar, especially with a lot of small items - I recently found it very helpful to arrange a birthday party that way!

  2. You can’t yet add images, but that’s one of the next things that the programmers are working on and hopefully will be available soon.

  3. You have to be a bit flexible in getting the Projects to show up where you want them. I get around it by giving them a number, eg in my Goals Category I found my Personal Objectives came before my Professional Objectives so I renamed them as “1 - Professional Objectives” and “2 - Personal Objectives”, which put them in the order that I wanted.

  4. I haven’t yet upgraded, though I do plan to. There are some useful-looking extra features, and the programmers have put so much work into developing it and give such great customer service that I think they’ve more than earned it. You can definitely get a lot of use out of Agenda without (or before) doing that, though.

  5. Agenda will back up/synchronize with your Apple Cloud account, so your data should be safe.

  6. I haven’t used Notability so I can’t answer this one, but I’m sure I’ve seen a reference to it on here somewhere, so someone will definitely be able to tell you.

Hope that helps :blush:


Thanks Zoe for good answer !


I would say Agenda and Notability serve two different use cases.And there is nothing to say you couldn’t use both.
I use a few different markdown-based editors that do pretty much the same things (as far as editing), but using the different apps help me segregate my notes.
If you’re attending lectures, or need to integrate audio and notes, Notability would be your choice. Taking notes on or about journal articles, probably Notability, but perhaps PDF Expert, Good Notes, etc.
For making notes that have a time or project context, Agenda or NotePlan.
And of course you could do a lot of these things in Agenda by itself.
Choose what works best for you :slight_smile:


John. I already said that I’m a physician need to write my patients’ dossiers and select the future appointments for them.


I addressed question 6 in the second set of questions, and question 2 in the original set.


Today I started to write my patients’ dossiers in Agenda. I hope my data will not disappeared in the future. Is it possible to vanish Agenda app at all ? I’m worried about that


I don’t think there’s any reason to think the Agenda app will vanish or be taken out in any way. I did once use an app that vanished from the App store so as it wasn’t being updated it eventually started to look a bit old-fashioned, but it went on working fine until the iOS update that took out all the old 32-bit apps came along. Even then, Apple gave lots of warning of what they were going to do, so there was plenty of time to look around for another one and migrate data. Likewise Agenda lets you save your data to the cloud, so that should be kept safe and readily available for you, too.

I’d recommend you keep your iOS and/or Mac OS up to date to ensure that all security updates are installed, and obviously don’t download anything from anywhere that’s not approved by Apple, just in case a rogue download manages to corrupt something, but otherwise I don’t think there’s any more reason for concern about Agenda than any other app of any kind at all :blush:


Thanks Zoe. I’ll be more confidence if Agenda support answer my question.


I think @Zoe has provided most of the answers already but here are some more perspectives from our end.

First, if you go with Agenda you do indeed decide to put your eggs in the basket of a small team of independent developers. That is a risk in that if Drew and I step in the same plane and it goes down, @zoe’s story would probably be relevant, which even in this horrible scenario would give you time to migrate though.

Also, I’d say it’s a myth to think it’s less of a risk with much larger companies, those too can ditch a product (Google Reader?!, Facebook ditching new products regularly, etc), get acquired, or close down without much warning. In fact, I’d say the fact that this is a small team without investors etc etc, makes we’re very much in control and very much dedicated and connected with Agenda, we couldn’t leave our users in the cold while still easily looking at ourselves in the mirror.

Finally, maybe looking at it from a different aspect, and just in case. Your data in Agenda isn’t locked in, we allow export in a variety of formats and even the raw data on disk is relatively accessible for anyone with a bit of technical knowledge.

Hope that helps!


Hello. For my special purpose, I need an Agenda app with the following characteristics:

  1. a better group and subgroup feature: in the current version we encounter many projects that are confusing.
  2. image attachment to the notes: sometimes we’ve to attach an image to the patients’ dossier.
  3. appointment feature with a ”reminder” on the selected date. Without the reminder, your calendar feature isn’t so useful. I’m busy in life and it’s possible to forget the patient appointment.



Numbers 1 and 2 are on the The features we are working on right now…, and so is number 3 in terms of integration with the Reminders app. I have the feeling you mean alarms though, not so much a reminder. The idea is that instead you link your notes to events in the calendar app, and that’s where you’d set an alarm (for the calendar event) so you get reminded automatically through the calendar app.


One of my reasons of selection of Agenda as my note taking was Studies app. A few years a go I studied with this excellent app. Drew is Studies support and he is a good man.

  1. When will the Agenda updates be released?
    A question: can I select my favorite text color in my notes? It seems all texts are black.
  2. How about Agenda security? Some of our notes are private. I suggest you to enable 2 factor authentication with Authy :


Same here. I’ve used studies before. So got hooked also with Agenda app


There’s no ETA yet, Drew is hard at work on inline images and attachments, that’s first up.

A question: can I select my favorite text color in my notes? It seems all texts are black.

See The features we are working on right now… as well, more text formatting options are a popular request

  • How about Agenda security? Some of our notes are private. I suggest you to enable 2 factor authentication with Authy :

Agenda doesn’t have a web app component at this point in time, so 2 factor isn’t a really good match, but password locking and encryption are also on The features we are working on right now… (you seem to be the exemplary user because I think you’ve pretty much mentioned all of them :smile:)


I add approx 15 patients’ dossiers every day in the Agenda. So I hope you’ll release your updates ASAP for : app security, selection of text colors, image attachment to the note, group and subgroup classification of each project and other necessary updates.