Agenda inserts URL links into Apple Reminders inconsistently

What I did: Created a Timed Reminder using Suggested Reminders; and All-Day Reminder and Timed Reminder programmed manually.

What happened: Timed Reminder using Suggested Reminders created an Agenda url link in the notes field. All-Day Reminder and Timed Reminder programmed manually did not produce an Agenda url in Reminders.

What I expected: An Agenda url link for all Reminders created in Agenda. And to have the Agenda url appear in the “URL” field of Reminders and not the Note field.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 14.0, MacOS 12.3.1, iOS 15.4.


This has been such a long standing frustration from our end as well. Short story: the reason is a bug+limitation at Apple’s end. The long story you find here: URL of note put in wrong reminder field - #2

Thanks for the response. I now understand the problem with URL links appearing in the Notes field, and I’m less concerned about that.

What I didn’t see in the post you linked was this discrepancy:

  • Timed Reminders using Agenda’s Suggested Reminders create an Agenda url link in Reminders. (Awesome)
  • But All-Day Reminders and Timed Reminders programmed manually do not produce an Agenda url in Reminders.

Thanks for clarifying, and sorry if I missed an earlier explanation.

Can you send us a series of screenshots of what you describe? This might be a bug perhaps.

I am seeing this in Agenda 14 on Mac too.

I create a reminder with \remind and the reminder is created fine, but there is no url back to agenda. The reminders appear to be linked in the background as completion in reminders app shows complete in Agenda.
However, if I create a reminder with say \remind(today) then it appears in reminder app complete with a link back to the agenda note. This is the desire behaviour and I think worked consistently with Agenda 13.

The link in the reminder is important as it allows me to quickly open relevant note when I come across a reminder in the reminders list and i need more context.

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Ok, thanks for the confirmation, we’ll check what’s going on.

Thanks, that’s helpful, we’ll take a look.

Here’s the screenshot you requested (Dropbox link). I recorded two scenarios:

  • Task 1: manual, all-day reminder (which doesn’t produce a link)
  • Task 2: Reminder using Agenda’s preconfigured suggestion (works as expected)

Thanks, very helpful!

Update: this issue should be fixed in Agenda 14.0.4

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Confirmed! Thx.

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