Agenda for Web


I am in the Apple Ecosystem, but my job doesn’t allow mobile devices for security reasons. I am not the only person, but a lot of people. I currently pay for Todoist and Craft, but after further analysis, I think an “All In One” solution is what I would need.

Is there a plan to have Agenda for Web? This will allow me full access to my notes and tasks.

We would like to give some access via web, but it is a big project because Agenda is a fully-native solution. (Many other apps are basically web apps with a native shell.)

We’ll see what we can do in future.


I would also like to see a web interface. I have hundreds of notes in Evernote. There is no way to export and import and I dont want to key them by hand on my iphone. Copy paste is better than nothing.

Note that we do support importing Evernote format. If you can export them, Agenda should be able to import the Evernote format.