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I am in the Apple Ecosystem, but my job doesn’t allow mobile devices for security reasons. I am not the only person, but a lot of people. I currently pay for Todoist and Craft, but after further analysis, I think an “All In One” solution is what I would need.

Is there a plan to have Agenda for Web? This will allow me full access to my notes and tasks.


We would like to give some access via web, but it is a big project because Agenda is a fully-native solution. (Many other apps are basically web apps with a native shell.)

We’ll see what we can do in future.


I would also like to see a web interface. I have hundreds of notes in Evernote. There is no way to export and import and I dont want to key them by hand on my iphone. Copy paste is better than nothing.

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Note that we do support importing Evernote format. If you can export them, Agenda should be able to import the Evernote format.

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Noteplan just released their Webapp, while not the app of Agenda, it is an all in one. I continue to wish for a Windows solution, as my issues are the same with work. Windows Environment.

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How about bringing a cheap iPad to work? Would corporate office allow you to put corporate data on personal devices?

Interested to hear your feedback. Which of these would you prefer for your Windows computer?

  1. Agenda for web, with access to all your notes, but a less powerful editor
  2. Your notes cloned as markdown in a file sharing service like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive, so you could see them and edit them as markdown on Windows via the file system
  3. The ability to share individual notes to the web, a little bit like how you can share notes with other Agenda users.

Genuinely interested to know your preference.

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Personally, I would love option 1. Currently, I’ll use the web interface for Drafts to capture work items and then use the Drafts actions to get them into Agenda. I would much rather be able to capture directly into Agenda, even if it means having the less powerful editor.

I think all three options have their merits. Still, a significant thing to consider concerning option 2 is that there are a handful of potential Agenda users who have opted for Noteplan or Obsidian because they explicitly wanted the backend of their notes to be markdown, supported by a cloud syncing service. I’m not convinced that I need this, hence I am an Agenda user, but I have included the portability and future-proofing of plain markdown in considering which product to purchase.

In short, there is a significant potential customer base who aren’t here because they want a product whose architecture is, “your files are in markdown and yours forever, we just provide the frontend to make them work how our product philosophy intends.”

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Option one to access from the web. The NotePlan web version is basic, but more robust than Apple notes web client. For comparison.

Personally, I would love option 1.

Just to get this clear, do you want the whole library uploaded to the cloud? Or just individual notes/projects that you choose?

I’m sure there is, but those users are also fought over by a lot of apps. Noteplan, Obsidian, Bear, IAWriter etc etc.

Just about everything these days is a markdown editor, and they all compete. That’s fine, but it isn’t the business we are in. We focus on the things we want to do well, and which are largely unique to our app.

It’s worth pointing out that our data model is more complex than straight markdown. We would have to make some compromises or extensions to have a mirrored data set.

But I certainly take your point that mirrored markdown is attractive as a safety parachute. That would indeed be attractive to many customers.

(Aside: ironically, one of the first things we built for Agenda, before it was even released, was a mirroring option like this. It did work, though it was a bit primitive. Funny that we are coming back to it after so many years.)


Individual notes / projects that I could choose would be great. I do not need my whole library uploaded, just the stuff I use for work.

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Thanks for that perspective! Upon reflection, it might just be enough that the user base is made more aware of how Agenda can help you future-proof your data… it might just be a communication thing :person_shrugging:

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In my current usage case, if I could access notes from a specified project in my workplace’s computer would be a life changer. I follow-up patients (with their name acronyms, of course) with a gpt recording shortcut on my watch and Agenda. If I could have this note sent automatically to the web, it would be one step to copy the follow-up notes to the medical record system.

So would you prefer that we upload all your data to the cloud and make a web app? Or would you prefer that we mirror the notes as markdown in a folder which you can then sync using Dropbox or whatever?

Do you want it to go to the web, or to Agenda? If we had a watch app that could capture spoken words that then appear in Agenda when you open it, would that be enough?

I’d prefer a web app because I only use icloud, so dropbox, google drive services are not the ideal solution for my case.

This shortcut I use already send stuff to Agenda, I wish I could select a project or category and auto sync them to a web app.

For my particular use case (I’m also slightly confined by security set up at work, where Windows / Outlook only are allowed), I tend to prefer having notes sync to cloud drive that I can edit from within there (Dropbox, icloud drive, etc), even via the web. To me, this would make most sense and allow for some powerful workflows.
That said, I’d be perfectly happy with a web app version too (even if slightly diluted version).
The Upnote app has yet another take on this as well that allows for the creation of a “shared link” that gets published to the web and then anyone with that link can read (not sure about editing though as I dont actually use that app).
Any of the above would help me greatly as I do all my planning for our work projects in Agenda and take all notes for meetings there as well, but then it’s currently challenging to go back and forth between Windows/Agenda on iPad and no easy/direct way to really sync information.

This would be really helpful for me, IF viewers at that link could edit the note. Ideally without having to create an account.

I often need to share draft text with colleagues and collaborators, often Windows users, to get their comments and suggestions. Currently I copy and paste into Dropbox Paper, and then edit it, and copy it back to my original note - but the formatting always gets a bit messed up in both directions.

I expect if this was available, I’d then want some kind of version control or ability to ‘accept/reject’ edits on the web doc, which would get very messy!

But a good alternative would be:

  • Export the Note to a page in Agenda for Web
  • to work with colleagues on the web version of the note,
  • when we’re done, to choose to ‘Create New Note in Agenda based on the web page’ or ‘Replace the original Agenda note with the contents of the webpage’

The last bit would hopefully avoid wasting time tidying up the formatting - in both directions.

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I see. So it seems you are looking for something a bit different. Ie not web collaboration on one of your notes, but on a copy, which you can then reimport. Will take it along. (There are a lot of permutations possible)