Agenda for Teaching

Hi there
I’m a Secondary Teacher in Sydney, Australia and have been using Evernote for at least the past 5 years for creating and collecting a whole range of documentation related to my roles at different schools. I came across Agenda at the beginning of 2019 and took the plunge, purchased a subscription and thought I might use it instead of Evernote immediately. I quite liked the Apple Calendar integration and was hoping to transition across easily.

At the time I was unable to figure out an effective way of transfering ALL my Evernote files across and after a little while gave up.

These School holidays I’ve tried again, this time just transferring (manually) across the main Notebook I’ve been using for my current School into Agenda. While it has been taking me quite some time I really like the fact that I can sync notes up with iCal events, which I hope to be using inside Projects for my lesson plans, as I have my entire year’s timetable mapped out in iCal.

While there are some limitations, such as I can’t yet do even simple Tables (a feature I came to love about Evernote), I’m hoping that there’s more seamless and cleaner integration between existing Apple applications.

At this stage I have setup a named school Category and included individual class names for each contained Project. Inside the Projects I have created:

  • Contents – Which includes hyperlinked list (TOC) of each Student’s note
  • To Do – A list of items that I’m working on for that specific class.
  • Individual Student Notes – to document their progress (photographs of their work, documents sent to me etc) and include any information that could be useful when dealing with student issues
  • Lesson Plans/Timetable – Create new note from each individual iCal timetable item into specific class Projects.

So far the setup is proving easy enough now I’ve had some time to get my head around it, I’ll be testing it out properly this semester.

Would love to know how other teachers are using this, and if they would do anything differently.


Thanks for sharing, tables are indeed often requested and among the items on our wishlist.

Make sure you check out this Talk article where a number of other teachers shared their experiences: