Agenda - and for what I use it



I used Omnifocus to keep my - in fact, small - projects organised. I also used Apple’s Notes to collect texts, URLS, lists, recipes, notes and more.

Then „Agenda“ appeared in my life and after some weeks … I did the change! I transferred all the projects from OF to Agenda, I imported almost all notes from Notes to Agenda. And … I am fine with it and it „looks“, it works great in Agenda.

Agenda today for me is a container for ToDo lists, reminders (but not like you know it from a reminders app), notes, a tool to collect items for various lists, planning and keeping the overview on my projects, my holiday trips and much more.

Agenda is not only a piece of software. I appreciate the developers of Agenda who have a deep interest in the users community and their feedback. I see the active community with their constructive feedback and ideas. I see a lot of potential in Agenda, the developers work on Agenda and keep us informed, their subscription model is superb (Get All Features), and the idea of having the users forum „inside“ the application (and not via browser) is im my opinion great … We can „expect“ updates and new features every one or two months, and I am sure they will come on a regular basis.

Omnifocus was/is too overloaded for me (but still great project management software) and in Apple’s Notes I see lots of potential - but with Apples „adding-one-or-two-features-with-the-next-MacOS“ politic it got more and more uninteresting for me.

My wish list for Agenda: password protection, iOS app (coming this spring), sync with encryption, editable GUI, adding pictures, importing direct from e.g. browsers or Mail.

Fresh greetings from Reykjavík,



Hi Claus,
Thanks for the kind words. Glad Agenda is working for you!
And thanks too for the feedback. We have many of those points on the list. iOS app is indeed getting close, and after that we will tackle pictures.
Kind regards,


Thanks, and a good morning to Amsterdam!