Additional upgrade option for macOS

Great to hear, I’ve sent you the coupon, thank you!

I have been using the IOS App for over a year and would like to extend on theMac as well. Is there still a discount code? Can’t really live without Agenda now…


Brilliant, sent you a coupon code as well. Thanks so much for your kind words!

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Gostaria muito de um cupom de desconto também por favor!

Obrigado, enviado!


I would love to get such a coupon. I thought that iPad app would be enough for me, but after a while of use I found it to be perfect to use it on Mac as well. I didn’t think the agenda is so good :slight_smile:


I’ve sent you the coupon code, many thanks for your support!

Hi, I have purchased the app on macos and ios, how do I make up for the overpayment I made

I’m afraid we can only reimburse if you bought through Paddle, if you did can you let us know the email address you used? If you bought through the App Store I’m afraid we cannot reimburse your purchase, as stated above the coupon code would have to be requested before you buy the macOS + iOS + iPadOS features.

Hello, is there still a coupon code for adding the Mac side of the subscription if I already have the iOS subscription? Or is there another way to tack it on without paying the full price?

I’ve sent you the coupon code, many thanks for your continued support!

Hi there!

I’d like to upgrade to the MacOs version too please if possible? I have bought the iOS and iPad versions already.

Great app.

Many thanks