Additional upgrade option for macOS



If one were to buy the IAP for iOS, would it make sense to have a cheaper upgrade to extend the magazine subscription over to macOS?

Currently it costs 10 dollars for the iOS sub, so shouldn’t it cost 14.99 if someone were to buy the macOS sub, perhaps on the condition that they have it for mobile?

I apologize if I missed this in the Mac app.


We don’t want to overcomplicate things with too many options and felt (simply given the platform size) it would be very common for iOS users to not have Macs but less common for Mac users to not have an iOS device. Having said that, if you did buy the iOS only option and you’d like to extend it to include your Macs, please let us know and we can help you do that using a discount coupon.


Thank you, that sounds excellent.


Glad to hear that you have a solution for what I am thinking of. I would like to get the IAP for iOS now and plan to get a Mac soon and definitely would like to go for the Agenda IAP for Mac…but I would like to save $10 for what I have paid for the iOS version…


Once you’re ready, contact us again and we’ll send you the coupon code.


Hi. I’m a new user and have both Mac and lots of iOS gadgets. Can I get a coupon code please so I can purchase and make it work like I do Apple Notes? I’m excited to use your app. thanks.


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I would love to do this exact thing! Help?


@littlevalley75 @sorenolsen great to hear, I’ve sent you post a message with the coupon code.


I’m in this exact situation. Can you please help me? Thanks.


I’ve sent you a message as well, thanks!