Add the ability to tag location from maps

In addition to adding photos and files, could we add a maps clip or some kind of tag to mark a location?

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Thanks for the feedback!

This is an area we are looking at. Ie rich previews of links. We hope to add it in future, and will consider map locations as an option.

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How far in the future are we possibly looking at?
I posted about this same thing in another thread that started back in November of 2019.

Original thread from 2019

Whilst I recognise that Agenda is a two person team, (and I love the app!) if a feature requested by several users is acknowledged along the lines of “great idea and something we want to look at in the future” and nearly 4 years have elapsed - can we count things marked like this as being taken seriously?

We have lots of those features which we want to put in, and would be great to have. If this were the only one, there would be no problem. We have to pick the ones which are getting the most feedback and we think there is the most demand for.

I also can’t give a precise date. This is now more firmly in our roadmap than before, but it does all come down to what else needs doing and what we think is most important at any given time. We’ll see what we can do.

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I appreciate you coming back to us with this Drew.