Absolute and relative links to files

Hello support team :grinning:,

Could Agenda supports absolute and relative links to local files? And to files stored on iCloud?

So far with Agenda 1.4, I am able to drag a file to a note which will create an absolute link to it (file:///Users/…). If I click on the link, it opens the folder where the file is and not the file itself with the default app. Can this be changed?

Could the link be also relative so that it is not related to a specific user (use of ~)?

Thank you.

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The current behaviour is indeed a stopgap solution while we’re working on real attachment support, see The features we are working on right now…

I would be interested to have the text associated to a link shown in a colour of my choice like:

  • green for Evernote links (keyword ‘evernote’ in the link)
  • red for working files which are put on hold (keyword ‘on hold’ in the filename OR ‘on hold’ tag associated with the file)
  • purple for a folder link

These are just examples for illustration purpose.

Has this feature since been disabled? Dragging a file into a note does not do anything for me

It should still work, which links from which app are you dragging? Note that you need to be editing the note that you’d like to drop the link into or it won’t accept it.

Thanks, it works while editing - hadn’t realised the requirement.

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