Abilty to have agenda item due date/time notification

What I did: create an agenda item

What happened: set a date

What I expected: want to set a date and a time for agenda item due date/time as well as have an notification (“alarm”) when the item in the agenda is due (maybe even ability to “snooze” agenda item due date/time to have the notification repeat at a later date/time).

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I think you are treating Agenda a bit too much like a task app rather than a note taking app. You can add a date to a note, but it is not really meant as a task to be completed at a specific time. You would be better to use Reminders or a to-do app for that. (We hope to integrate Agenda with Reminders in future)

You can link a note to a calendar event. If you do that, you can have your calendar show an alarm before the event happens. That is probably the best way to go if you want an alarm when the note is about to become relevant.

We hope to improve some of these things in future. Eg. we want to be able to assign a date to a paragraph, and perhaps link a paragraph to a reminder. That will give you much more control.


I would love this feature too…
Link a note to a calendar item, and then set the alarm or set it for the calendar item of course from wihtin Agenda.

@support, how long in the future before you expect integration between Agenda and Reminders?

No ETA yet I’m afraid, it’s high our wishlist (see The features we are working on right now…) but there a few other items with higher priority at the moment still.

I am going to be hoping on the notification band waggon. I am really suprised there isn’t the ability for notifications.

While I understand, @drewmccormack’s explanation of why there currently aren’t notifications, I would like to point out, having to venture back and forth through apps is time consuming. It isn’t a seamless interaction. I think simple notifications when notes are supposed to be looked at isn’t something too out of the ordinary with a note taking app.