Ability to collapse indented lists

Would be nice to be able to collapse lists (i.e., hide everything under the collapsed item). Even limiting it to only top-level items being collapsable would be useful.

This is not the same as collapsing a note, which already exists and is awesome! But collapsing items in a list within a note, without collapsing the rest of the list.


We’d indeed like to add more options for managing and manipulating lists in future updates, thanks for the feedback!


+1 for this feature.

Sometimes notes contain long lists, and the ability to collapse/expand (supported by keyboard shortcut) them would make the notes more manageable.

Preferably collapsible at any level and with a visual indication of the collapsed state.

I’d really love to have this. I just started using Agenda last night. I can see it becoming my second brain easily.

For notes, I’ve been using Bear for a while. And mostly for notes about the novel I’m writing. And after a few journal entries I made in Agenda, I wondered if I could move my novel notes over to hear. But I knew I could only do that if Agenda had collapsable headlines. (All I have to do it hit "command inch” and everything under that headline is hidden.)

But, I may still do some long writing in Agenda.

Well, happily I just discovered that I can do instant wiki-page-links (inside double brackets), which may relieve some of the drive to reduce the amount of copy on a single page.


For the time being, if you are writing a lot, I recommend making projects, and putting each section of the writing in a single note in a project. Eg. 1 project might be a chapter, and the notes the different sections.

We are working right now on collapsing. It will not be in our next Agenda 19 version, but is planned for Agenda 20 some months afterwards. Definitely coming though.

Even when you can collapse sections, it still is unlikely to be as good for long form writing as some other options. We didn’t really design it for that, and the multi-note timeline that Agenda has is perfect for shorter notes, but less good for your next novel! :slight_smile:


Great idea. Thanks.

I agree with @drewmccormack that Agenda not the tool for long form writing nor will a collapse feature help much. Agenda IS good for creating a story time line, gathering information, tracking ideas, and being able to keep it organized and linked together. I do that for creating end of project recaps which are in chronological order. I use quite a few image references, (charts, graphs, etc.) which Agenda isn’t great at handling but can be linked; you get the idea. Putting it all together is done in Ulysses and distributed as Word or PDF.
A collapse feature would though be a huge help in Agendas role.

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Yes, once I get all of my thoughts out, I will switch over to Ulysses.

Or I will still do the first draft (or zero draft) in Agenda. And this would be for psychological reasons. I’ll explain.

When I write in a proper wrirting app, I get a type of stage fright. I think that whatever I writes needs to be good. Even if I know I may revise a dozen times. So I freeze. Or the words come very slowly.

But when I write in a place or method that isn’t an official “writing” app, my mind feels free to just run on and dump words on a page. Without worrying about quality, grammar, spelling, etc. Which is what I want to do in my first draft. Such tools or ways that I do this includes Bear, Drafts, Apple Notes, bound paper journal or a handwriting notes app like Goodnotes or Notability. Even the decsiption box of a scene card in Plotter. Or a text box in Freeform.

It’s all about mind-hacking.

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For the time being, if you are writing a lot, I recommend making projects, and putting each section of the writing in a single note in a project. Eg. 1 project might be a chapter, and the notes the different sections.

@drewmccormack BTW, I started doing this. For example, I had a note which held a lot of ideas, details and backstory about a character. And it was pretty long. So instead I made a project for the character. Then had invividual notes inside it, each with titles like ideas, characteristics, backstory, emotional arc, etc. A tiny bit more work than with Bear’s ability to expand and condense with a keyboard shortcut. But the other benefits of Agenda make up for that.

You’ve just described one of the ways Agenda really supports my writing that I hadn’t been conscious of before!

I had thought the blockage in other apps like Pages or Google Docs was the formatting options and getting distracted by them. But you’re right, there’s also something about the notebook-ness of Agenda that makes it easier to just write.

Which is why I’d love a Menu of headings?

We are working on collapsing of sections around headings for a future version. That may help with long notes and lots of headings.