Menu of headings?

Am I imagining this, or did it use to be possible to click the note title and see a list of headings in the current note? In the same way that you can project title to see a list of notes?

In the early days clicking the note title and project title would do the same thing, but we disabled this as we feel it’s two different levels of hierarchy (project and note) and as such it should indeed two different things.

Indeed logically if we decide to show something it would be the headings within a note but in general we don’t advice making very long notes with dozens of headings, hence it wouldn’t make much sense to show a popover to navigate them.

Thanks for the explanation. So my memory was half right!

While long notes are not encouraged, I think being able to get a list of the headings would still be useful.

My particular case is writing podcast scripts. The most recent one is 3700 words.

Navigating around to check what I said earlier would be a lot easier with a list of headings.

I suspect you’ll say this is too long for Agenda and I’d be better off with an app better equipped for longform writing.

If all I was doing was writing documents of this length I’d agree. But Agenda is the hub and starting point of pretty much all my work, including podcasts.

Each episode starts off with a note where I jot down ideas and start sketching out a structure - making frequent use of the ctrl-arrow key combination to move paragraphs around (one of the best unsung features of Agenda!). I also have notes with resources that inform my ideas, eg quotes from books.

I later have that note open alongside the note where I develop the script. And I have templates with checklists for producing an episode and for promoting it. The script is later copied as html to become a blog post.

The point of this explanation is to show how writing a script is part of an integrated process and taking it outside of Agenda would break the flow.

So having a header menu for these occasional long notes would be brilliant!

(Obviously recording and editing takes place outside Agenda, but that’s a quite different bundle of work.)

We’ll take it into consideration, but it would require some other things to be implemented for it to work (that are on our todo list).

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