Zapier Integration

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What do you guys think about a Zapier integration?
Triggers could be a new project, new category or new note.

I use Zapier a lot. It would be really really awesome to integrate Agenda with it!

Keep up the hard work!

I’m not really familiar with the app. What type of app is it?

Do others have a view?

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New to Agenda and relatively new to Zapier, but I have found Zapier to be an extremely helpful integration app.

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It`s an online automation tool that connects two or more apps and services. You can connect them to automate repetitive tasks using triggers. When one trigger is activated, an action or a series of actions are made. There are 2000+ apps inside it.
IFTTT is another well known similar tool.

A lot of things could be done with Agenda and some triggers:

  • Create a new Agenda note by sending an email to yourself. Could be useful when not using Mac or iOS devices.
  • Create a new Agenda project when a new project is created inside Todoist.
  • Create a new Agenda project/note when an user buys something inside your website.
  • Create a new Agenda category when a new Trello board is created.



The issue is probably that Agenda is not a web app. There is no way for us at this point to create a note in the cloud for Agenda. Everything is on device.

I suspect IFTTT and others are more designed for automating web apps like Slack and GitHub etc. Those are “always online”, with web APIs to make changes. We don’t have anything like that in Agenda ATM. Perhaps something for the future.

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