Yesterday smart overview

What I did:
In Agenda 13.1, we can make Today view to show the notes from the yesterday or tomorrow. There’s a button to create the Smart Overview. I clicked the button to create one.

What happened:
The Smart Overview was created and the notes from the yesterday are shown in the view. However, when the time went to one day after, the ‘Yesterday’ Smart Overview couldn’t show the notes from the yesterday. It showed nothing.
Following screenshots show the different view (Yesterday switched from Today view and Yesterday smart view)
Yesterday view

Smart overview

What I expected:
The yesterday smart overview can show the notes from the yesterday by the time.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
MacOS Big Sur

Just so I understand correctly:

  1. you made a note on June 4
  2. on June 5 you set the today overview to display yesterday (June 4)
  3. you saved this as a smart overview

My questions:
a) when saving the smart overview, did you save it as “yesterday” or as “June 4”?

If you saved it as “yesterday” the date is kept relative to today, also the next day (i.e. on jun 5 it will show jun 4, on jun 6 it should show jun 5).

Did it show the note Jun 4 right after you saved the overview?

And did it show the note Jun 4 the day after?

Also, you did assign the date jun 4 to the note correct (in the top right corner of the note), not just in the title correct?