Year set wrong

What I did:
Created a new note, and entered content to it — without setting a particularly date.

What happened:
When I had finished inputing my note, and when I clicked outside it, it disappeared — but searching for it, it was there, but pushed down the timeline as Agenda automatically set the year to 2020 (instead of 2022).

What I expected:
The date should have matched the date of creation, so clicking outside the note should have kept it listed on the top / as the newest note.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • Agenda Version 14.1.1 (231)
  • MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

That’s very odd because Agenda will not set a date automatically unless you use the calendar icon or one of the actions to assign a date. Can you reproduce this?


Please see screenshot below, which includes today’s day.
The top Agenda note is still selected. The one below was the previous one few minutes before.
It just occurred to me that the “wrong” date seems to always be the same: Fri 24 Jul 2020.

Cheers — Pascal

Me again, with another screenshot and same attached confirming the pattern of date being the same (red)
I hope it is helpful…

Cheers — Pascal

Is there any chance you could make a screenrecording (of the entire window) to show what happens? You can email it to