X-callback-url with text actions for auto expansion

Hi everyone, first of all fantastic works on Agenda, I especially loved the simplicity and aesthetically synced with Apple design.

I’m trying to automate creating new note with the x-callback-url and everything is working, although I hope someone can share insights on a little detail.

What I did:

When I use this callback url, it can create a note but the title would be a literal without the time expansion.

agenda://x-callback-url/create-note?identifier=$project_id&title=§\now(format: yyMMdd.HHmmss)

What happened:
I realized only is allowed prior to any text expansion, but then the result would look something like “§ 200306.040720” and I have to manually delete the extra space between them.

agenda://x-callback-url/create-note?identifier=$project_id&title=§ \now(format: yyMMdd.HHmmss)

What I expected:
Is there any escape sequences for the callback-url that would expand the time without needing the extra space?


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see if this can be made to work.