X-Callback-Url Note Completion endpoint

Hi everyone!

Is it within the X-Url-Callback API’s scope to consider adding an endpoint, similar to the append endpoint, or perhaps built onto it, to edit the completion status of a note? This, combined with the hinted ‘read’ functionality coming to the API could make for some reeeaaallly powerful shortcut automations.

Tangentially: I’ve seen the read API mentioned a couple of times across various forum posts, but has it ever been roadmapped or talked about anywhere officially? And ah, is there any chance we could get a sneakpeak at what might be in-scope? Just curious where the idea is at internally with the team :grin:

For some context of what could be possible with this:
I’m working on the framework for some app-open/app-close automations & an express based REST API that, possibly with the read-api, could allow for some crazy external interactions. I’d love to hook an arduino up to an LED display to show current on-the-agenda/today-view tasks on, as well as some massive buttons that could complete various tasks in a dopamine-inducing way.

Thanks, and I’m super excited for the read-api!

Edit: Realized I put this in the wrong category & somehow broke the title. Fixed those!