X-callback issues in Shortcuts app



What I did: if I run the linked shortcut, agenda opens but no new note is created. When I copy the url from the shortcut, paste it into safari and press go, agenda opens and the note is created.


What I expected: I expected the url command to work in shortcuts the same as in safari. Not sure if this is a bug in Shortcuts or something in Agenda. Happy to help troubleshoot further.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

iOS 12, agenda 2.2.1, iPhone 8 plus


The problem with your shortcut is that you used Agenda as the url scheme, this should be agenda (no capital A). Noticed that I also used a URL instead of Text block but I don’t think that this is as crucial.


Ha, thanks. Silly mistake due to autocorrect.


This and other agenda callbacks don’t seem to work on my iPad and iPhone, running Beta iOS 12 and the latest Agenda version.


What callbacks specifically have you been trying? Make sure you also update to the official iOS12 release.


I’m having the same problem that Agenda callbacks generally don’t work, at least the ones I want to use. agenda://x-callback-url/open-note?project-title=My%20Project&title=New%20Note&text=Hello%20World

I modified it to put the same note in a project called “Inbox” but neither Shortcuts nor Drafts 5 seems to get the job done. Can’t figure out what’s going on.



in drafts5 I have created this action to add new Agenda note:

and this to open an Agenda note I have previously created:

both work fine (in my case I also have a script step that inserts the drafts5 note url call back so I can easily click on the Agenda copy to return to the source if ever required).
I use a project “NOC” (for not otherwise classified) rather than “inbox” for my own workflow connected reasons.

When I’ve finished my testing I will post complete set of actions if requested/helpful.


Well isn’t that the damndest thing. Yours worked when I copy/pasted it and changed NOC to Inbox but when I copy/paste Agenda’s template it doesn’t work. In any case, this is a big step forward. Thank you. With regards to your other URL, which previously created note does it open? The one that matches whatever title you’ve typed in Drafts?

Thank you.


yes it does; unfortunately if you have some notes with identical titles (perhaps inadvertently or by choice) in multiple projects only the first Agenda finds will show.

I’m going to play with putting unique identifier in the title of notes I transfer from drafts. I already insert an identifier [Format: mmddyy|hrmnss so, eg “id: 20180925|115914”] at various places in other notes to allow ease of access across multiple ios applications (and it is finer granularity than uuid) and would prefer not to clutter the title with that but would rather have that slight annoyance than not being able to go directly to the desired Agenda note from my calling application (drafts5 or others)


You’re obviously a way more advanced user than I am but I think I understand and appreciate what you’re doing. Just out of curiosity: what’s the use case of pulling up a specified Agenda card from the Drafts interface rather than, say, going to Agenda directly or using Siri. If Drafts is not supplying new text, are you just using it as a very fine-grained launcher of sorts? I feel like I only use Drafts in the most basic of ways and am interested in other uses.

Anyway, if you do get around to stress-testing some actions and you feel like posting them I’d love to give them a whirl.



I’ve been trying to run this on iOS12 and iOS12beta, but no project or note is created. I’ve also deleted and reinstalled Agenda.


  1. you are missing ampersand between TestJournal and text=
    you show agenda://x-callback-url/create-note?project-title=Goals&title=TestJournaltext=test
    s/b agenda://x-callback-url/create-note?project-title=Goals&title=TestJournal**&**text=test

More critically, I believe if I read your report correctly, is that you need to already have the project created - it is not created in this step! Unfortunately I am Win PC Bound at the moment and can’t test for you right now but should be able to much later this evening but if you see this in the meantime give it a try with Project pre created and “&” as I’ve indicted as I have been successful with this approach on both iPhone and iPad installations.


Too lengthy to go into all aspects of it right now but to give one common case, for myself, is having a large document with several action items embedded in it (meeting notes for example). I can use another Drafts5 action that uses text=[[selection]] rather than text=[[body]] and only the selected text in the Draft Note will be used to create the new Agenda note. I can then use the back-link to return to the full original document should I required the context and other details when proceeding with executing the Agenda item.

Going through the document I can do this once for each item action in the original document. If some items for the meeting are due this week while others won’t even be started for, say, two weeks this will allow me to put them “on the Agenda” with separate and appropriate dates.

I am hoping that at some point a “on Agenda” parameter might be added to the URL scheme of Agenda which would make the current scheme even more useful.

When I have all the individual pieces thoroughly tested I will look to automating so perhaps I can run one action in Drafts that will loop through entire body and create individual Agenda notes for each line beginning with an ID number of the type I indicated in my earlier post. This may be beyond me but I hope to have a system that allows me to use the strengths of each application to have a system that exactly matches my work needs.


Ah! Brilliant. It all works now. I didn’t already have the project in Agenda and the & helped too.

Many thanks,

Stephen Hryncewicz


You seem to be mixing the create-note and open-note actions, i.e. open-note only takes a title argument.


This is indeed a limitation we’ll try to address by also supporting the project-title parameter.


You’ll be happy to hear that for the next update round we’ll add:

  • support for x-callbacks on Mac
  • support for setting a date (range)
  • support for determining the on-the-agenda flag
  • support for having both a title and project-title to better indicate which note to append to
  • support for adhering to the preference setting for newly created notes with regards to on the agenda status and automatically being assigned to today.


More than happy!
oh the things we will do!
It is great to see the rapid progress being made (even though everyone wants “more” the hard work is more than evident - so thank you!)


Update: The new possibilities are available in Agenda for Mac 2.5 and should also be part of the upcoming Agenda for iOS 2.3 update. The documentation has been updated.