Wrong date from Template?

I can’t afford to lose a year at my age. Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Very bizarre, the exact same thing works fine here, are you sure your clock is set correctly? Is it a timezone thing perhaps? What if you type the exact same in a regular note, does it correctly fill out? And what if you type \now(default) ?

Here you go-
iPadOS 14, iPad Pro12”

By the by, take a close look at the result for the 2nd date example. It pasted in the result differently (blue) which when selected asks it I want to call that as a phone number.

Very weird, we’ll try to reproduce.

Ya. Leave it to me!?! All I was trying to do was bend Agenda to work as a Zettelkasten.

In fact @drewmccormack found out what the issue is already:

The problem is that you used YYYY, while you’d want to use yyyy instead:

Well, I’m not going to listen to your instructions ANY more! :wink:

LOL, we’ll fix that