Write with pencil

Is it possible to write the notes of the diary directly with the pencil of the ipadpro?

This will be possible in the upcoming iOS14 and Agenda updates.


The current version of Agenda allows you to write with pencil to create an image, which gets inserted in the note. This is an image of your handwriting, but is not converted in to text.

iOS 14 introduces Scribble, which will allow you to write directly on the text, and have it converted immediately into typed text.

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But… It’s not possible save your handwriting notes without convert it in typed text (like Apple Notes). I think it’s what @berardino.pollio asking…

No, but you can use Scribble to write with the pencil directly onto notes in Agenda to add text that ends up as typed text. What you can’t do is mix drawing and text in the drawing canvas and have that be converted into type text, which is what is possible in Notes only.

Not only in Notes… In Noted app de @EverythingNoted has a similar feature.

Sure, but those apps have had to develop that themselves and from scratch.