Would like to see Agenda in Apple “Share” menu

Though drag and drop is very useful for getting things into Agenda, I’d like to see Agenda in Apple “Share” menu. It often provides a more direct method of sharing to other programs.

Thank you for all you’re doing with Agenda.

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Hi Dan,

There is a Share menu there on the Mac. And on iOS, you can share notes using the cog menu at the bottom.

If that is not what you meant, can you explain?

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I’m not Dan, but I think I know what he means. I think he’s talking about having Agenda in the share menu of other apps on iOS. I had the same thought yesterday. Here’s the usage example: there was a tweet I ran across yesterday the reminded me of something. I would have loved to have been able to directly make an Agenda note out of the tweet using the share menu in Twitter. I can imagine the same usage for things I read online (in Chrome or Safari).


Many thanks for checking in Drew.

Dmedelstein hit the nail on the head. Would be nice to send items from other apps to Agenda via the native Apple Share menu.

Have a great day.

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Ah huh. Yes, I can see why you could get confused. Indeed, that is something we want to do. It is more work than sharing with other apps, because we need some user interface to put the notes in the right place. Even more than that, we need to be able to do it all without the app actually running at all (sharing extensions can run without the app).

It’s in the roadmap. Thanks for the feedback!


It’s hard for me to imagine that this requirement hasn’t been on the list from day one. It’s natural that ToDos emerge everywhere. An app that has management of ToDos as a main objective that is not prepared to receive those tasks, comes across a bit autistic.

You should not only implement a sharing target immediately but also consider accessibility through Apple Shortcuts.

We have Apple shortcuts support already. See the Shortcuts section.

thanks, I saw that after posting :wink:
But it looks like the current support is on the start - especially with what’s coming with iOS 13

Sure. We will improve it over time.