Would like a Tool Bar

I like Agenda. I would really like to see a slim toolbar to show text formatting options, rather than needing to go into menus or right clicking.


+1 for adding a toolbar. Menus become very cumbersome.


Thanks. Heard this a few times. We will discuss it as a possible feature.



hi, I replied to another thread. I need a toolbar. Sometimes, you do not bother visualizing it using markdown. you see the pallette and then think about using it.
Let me give an example:

  1. You are asked to answer a question <— (no toolbar)
  2. You are asked to choose an answer to a question <— (toolbar)

Agreed! I LOVE Bear’s menu!!

+++ kind of floating ribbon with basic styling capabilities will be extremely useful

Which menu do you mean? If I use Bear on Mac, there is no styling menu that I see. You just use markdown, which is what we use in Agenda too.

iPhone/iPad menu…

We have an iPhone/iPad menu though. It even got updated recently. Worth checking out. We are pretty happy with the new variant.

Yes. What I’m talking about is a menu on the Mac that shows at the bottom so we don’t have to click the icon to see everything…

The iOS menu is great! :+1:t2:

The mac will receive a new menu that will show when clicking the circle in the gutter that works more alike the bar on iOS, we don’t have plans to add a permanent toolbar I’m afraid. The combination of a main menu with keyboard shortcuts and right-click contextual menu, and the above mentioned gutter popover provides enough options that we feel adding the clutter of more buttons etc in the form of a some toolbar is not justified, sorry.

Ah, and on recent mac laptops there’s also the Touch Bar, which works exactly like the iOS keyboard bar.

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Thanks for the update. Sounds like something cool is coming! :+1:t2:

Bad decision. Toolbar is necessary.

We still don’t believe a toolbar is the way to go, but in Agenda14 we’ll introduce some new possibilities that might help address what you’d otherwise use a toolbar for. Stay tuned!

Of course each product has it’s own style. But, even in this posting tool there is a toolbar that allows me to quickly bold the text or
make a list

  • Your right click menus make me

  • Select the text, right click, choose LISTS and choose a list. If I want to indent the list, I must do all of that over again and choose indented lists and choose indent.

Your app CREATES many more clicks for the sake of deciding against using a tiny bit of space and adding buttons that do these simple tasks.

I simply put the cursor at the start of the line, type “dash space” for a list. To indent, i type “tab”, which works wherever on the line the cursor is.

To create a check list: “open square bracket closed square bracket space”

It’s taken me a while to remember and get the muscle memory for headings. Annoyingly on the UK keyboard you can’t access # directly, it’s “option £”. I’d love to be able to choose another key for this in Agenda options. I’ve set up a keyboard substitution in Mac, but it’s a bit laggy, and doesn’t work for quickly creating 2nd, 3rd level headings ( ## etc) because it requires a space to confirm the substitution.

Update: As promised Agenda 14 introduces an exciting new way to perform so-called Actions by typing short commands that can often be faster and easier than using a toolbar or other form of UI. Best of all, it’s still UI “guided” in that typing a \ kind of triggers a local toolbar that can be filtered down by continuing typing the name of the command. You can see it in action here