Would like a Tool Bar

I like Agenda. I would really like to see a slim toolbar to show text formatting options, rather than needing to go into menus or right clicking.


+1 for adding a toolbar. Menus become very cumbersome.


Thanks. Heard this a few times. We will discuss it as a possible feature.


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hi, I replied to another thread. I need a toolbar. Sometimes, you do not bother visualizing it using markdown. you see the pallette and then think about using it.
Let me give an example:

  1. You are asked to answer a question <— (no toolbar)
  2. You are asked to choose an answer to a question <— (toolbar)

Agreed! I LOVE Bear’s menu!!

+++ kind of floating ribbon with basic styling capabilities will be extremely useful

Which menu do you mean? If I use Bear on Mac, there is no styling menu that I see. You just use markdown, which is what we use in Agenda too.

iPhone/iPad menu…

We have an iPhone/iPad menu though. It even got updated recently. Worth checking out. We are pretty happy with the new variant.

Yes. What I’m talking about is a menu on the Mac that shows at the bottom so we don’t have to click the icon to see everything…

The iOS menu is great! :+1:t2:

The mac will receive a new menu that will show when clicking the circle in the gutter that works more alike the bar on iOS, we don’t have plans to add a permanent toolbar I’m afraid. The combination of a main menu with keyboard shortcuts and right-click contextual menu, and the above mentioned gutter popover provides enough options that we feel adding the clutter of more buttons etc in the form of a some toolbar is not justified, sorry.

Ah, and on recent mac laptops there’s also the Touch Bar, which works exactly like the iOS keyboard bar.

Thanks for the update. Sounds like something cool is coming! :+1:t2:

Bad decision. Toolbar is necessary.