Working with Reminders and Lists

I have been using Agenda for more than a year, and I like it very much. I find that its Agenda model works well for me most of the time, and the ability to link calendar events, notes and attachments (among many other things) is very low friction for me.

The point were I struggle is with TODO lists and tasks. Having an item on the Agenda is not exactly like a task to do. I tend to have a TODO note pinned at the top of each project with a list of things to do, but then it is hard to manage the notes in the project with this list, and adding all the items and all lists to the agenda simply overwhelms.

I think some changes could make this much better for managing tasks, but I understand that task management apps like Omnifocus, Things or Apple Reminders are specific tools for this.

Maybe I do not have a nice way to integrate Reminders with Agenda, or I am doing something wrong. Agenda integrates with Calendars wonderfully, so I wonder if something like that can be done with Reminders. My thoughts:

  • Associate specific lists in Reminders with Projects in Agenda.
  • Display items from these lists as part of the project, either on top or with the calendar items in the sidebar.
  • Collect pending items in checklists in a project in the reminder list automatically.
  • Allow aggregation of pending tasks (or let reminder do that for you), but then let it be two way

Iā€™m also a strong believer that Agenda is the app that best integrates with reminders and calendar, but still lacks into reminders management and I hope it is a priority (like showing lists containing reminders without due date, bulk adding reminders, bulk adding subtasks).

We have big plans for search and filtering of content in the second half of this year. We hope to allow you to show the information you want to see in any project. Eg. Only show me incomplete tasks, that sort of thing. Hopefully this would reduce the need to have your tasks all in one note.

I tend to use a more hierarchical approach to task lists myself. I may indeed have such a note at the top for major undertakings, but then have other notes for each of those undertakings, with smaller subtasks. My notes are pretty much completely full of task lists. Ironically, that is how I develop Agenda.

Thanks for the feedback!