Working with IBM Lotus Notes and Apple Notes.

What I do: I am an enterprise workflow technical sales engineer working for a large organization that like many still operate on IBM Lotus Notes. Is there a way to integrate the calendar tasks and notes to speak to my calendar in lotus notes?

Also for the last few years I have been taking notes on apple notes is there any integration with the data in apple notes? Can I somehow structure the tools to work together? Or do I need to copy paste my notes into Agenda each time?

My notes contain imagines, documents, folders, locations in many cases this is all supported by apple notes can Agenda intake all these forms of data?

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I’m afraid our calendar integration relies on Apple’s Calendar Store. I am guessing Lotus won’t work with that, so for now it can’t integrate.

You can import your Apple Notes, but that is the only integration for now, short of copy and paste.

You are right, we don’t have images or attachments. That is a very high priority, and will not take too long to come.


Thanks Drew,

Shortcuts to folders are nice that they work will be nice to get the icon images.

Capturing location data will also be useful.

Annotation tools or calling up the annotation API from Apple would be good for nested images in the notes but that’s farther down the line since you don’t have that yet.

My use case is as a technical sales engineer is a mega match with this software. Let me know how I can help more I got a lot of ideas.

Thanks for the feedback! Very useful.