Workflow with Calendar & Reminders and others

Recent postings bring to mind how to use Agenda well with Reminders and Calendar. For me the fewer apps the better and integrations is critical.

I do think teamwork would be a huge boost (and probably a huge hurdle for the Agenda team

I look forward to the day when Agenda works well with other people, but in the meantime, I wonder how folks might manage to use shared Reminders and Calendars to link with other folks at least on some level.

Collaboration features are quite high on the list, though quite a big project, as you say. We will get there sooner or later. Stay tuned!

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Thanks Drew. I’ll occasionally remind you folks how important that is :slightly_smiling_face:. Whenever I see that profile photo a I think that nose needs a grindstone. [For those who don’t know the idiom: Nose to Grindstone]