Workflow to coordinate with Apple Notes

I’m excited about the new Agenda update and working on figuring out how I can use it. I’m mostly retired (obvs still a productivity nerd though!) and my projects are basically:

  • travel planning (current plans and future ideas)
  • Board stuff (I’m on the board of our local co-op)
  • Writing projects

A couple of years ago I migrated everything from Evernote to Apple Notes and have been working exclusively in Apple Notes and Things 3. But Apple Notes doesn’t give me the ability to schedule things that come up in Board meetings or things I need to do for travel planning, etc. and I think Agenda could be a big help there.

I’m thinking that this could work for me:

  • Keep Apple Notes as a repository of information but not active projects.
  • Use Agenda for planning in active projects.
  • Continue to use Things 3 for daily tasks and things to do.

I need two things in order to make this work:
*** the ability to archive completed projects from Agenda to Apple Notes**
*** the ability to migrate tasks from Agenda to Things 3**

Any suggestions about this? thanks in advance.

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I’m moving this thread to the Shortcuts section of the community as I believe a lot of this should be possible using the Shortcuts app where it would be possible to integrate Agenda with Notes and Things. Perhaps others can chime in who have given this a try?

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A lot more integration with apps (particularly Apple apps), if Apple actually took their own Shortcuts, Applescript, and Automator technology seriously and supported the automation technologies better within their own productivity apps.

Hey Lyn,
If I understand correctly you want Tasks in Agenda to Show up in Things3 and to export projects to Apple notes.

I do work a lot between Things 3 and Agenda. I have found the easiest way to move a task from Agenda to Things 3 is to use the reminder function in Agenda which by default sends it to Apple Reminders. Then Things 3 can import those reminders out of Apple Reminders and into the Things 3 inbox.

The Copy as HTML works well to move notes out of Agenda and into Apple notes. I don’t have a need myself but it works with a few quick tests on my MacBook.

I hope that helps. I will say that I have moved completely away from Apple Notes and into Agenda. I use Agenda for both for Active projects and repository of information.

Best of luck.


Thanks @Justin.B - would you mind sharing how you use Agenda for repository of information? I believe the fact that there is a limit to nested folders in projects would limit me in doing this but perhaps I’m wrong.

I have information notes throughout projects. I use both a tag and now color the note gray. I have not been handicapped by any limits. Maybe something I need to watch for.

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My advice would be to go all in. Until you stumble upon something Agenda cannot do
-yet- use another app. for that purpose for the time being and then go all-in again.

I’m with @robbie07. To make things easier for the moment and/or export your apple notes, there is a small tool on the App Store that was handy. ‎Exporter on the Mac App Store