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I do A LOT of different things. And yet very few involve sitting at a computer. Ive been trying to figure out a system for my wild neurodivergent brain & lifestyle for years, and have researched & tried just about everything under the sun.

Systems influencing my design:
Bullet journal
One Straw Revolution
Time blocking


  • A Single central capture location. ie I’d like to have a note for every day which serves both as a log of the events of that day as well as a dump list.
  • I would like to be able to easily create events and tasks from this main document
    -I would also like to be able to grab individual tasks or notes and re-delegate them to other projects as needed while keeping the log intact. (Ive found splitting the notes don’t work for me for a variety of reasons incl too many steps & doesn’t keep log intact)
    -minimal categories; I do so many disparate things when i try to list them all things get bogged down fast
    -Fast & easy; I don’t work at a computer or in an office and the point is to help may be organized and focused not spend the rest of my life trying to learn a bunch of computer stuff. I will invest on the front end to create a slick system, and I’m also three full days into being frustrated about not being able to get the basics set up
    -Planned vs Done; I want to be able to see what i intended to do and what i actually did. I have set up 2 calendars to this effect but not sure if this is the best solution. I don’t mind having identical events side by side but it’s clunky for other reasons

Problems Im having:
-Reminders can’t be events!!!
Whyyyyyy! I realize this is most likely originated in the way iOS has the set up. But it is so frustrating and unnecessary
I love that you can insert a reminder next to any line and immediately create a reminder! But a reminder is not an event and therefore it cannot be a time block on my calendar! There also is no easy way to make a reminder into a calendar event other than just making it from scratch with the same words.
If I create an event it needs its own note which is another step.

What I want my workflow to be:
Daily Note where i log everything in chronological order with timestamps
Ability to grab lines as Task that is also a time chunk that can be stored somewhere as a thing I need to do (unscheduled) OR scheduled directly (this part I can do by just copying it into a new event) OR attach it as a reminder or all day event that is assigned to a specific day but will have exact time block assigned later

-Its easy enough to copy paste a line into a new event but it would be awesome if it worked the same as a reminder OR if reminders could be scheduled as events
-I don’t know how to handle Dump list items that don’t have a date/time assigned to them yet.
I’m confused as to why selecting a line & sharing it means it can only be copied into the body of the note and not just as a new note. this makes turning line items into tasks so tedious and untenable for me.

So for example I have a Category called Daily Log project: March Note: March 25, 2022 (This is my central Capture document where I add everything from thoughts to to dos to Notes etc. In chronological order with time stamps)

Then I have projects based on location (mental, physical or both) Kitchen, Plumbing Client, Topic I’m Researching, Errands Etc

Somethings are just notes and information (Think I understand how to organize that fine)

Somethings are one time to do list items or events

Some to do list items might have a priority but don’t have a specific scheduled time yet

Some things are recurring. If I have a recurring flow as a single note it can only be assigned one event

Anyways, I feel like I’m asking a lot of different things here and I’m trying not to overwhelm with too many topics questions and information so I’ll leave it here for now. I’d love to hear anyone’s suggestions about how I can do this better. Thank you very much in advance!

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Funny, I have been working a very similar problem stack. I’m in the process of preparing a blog post, and I think a lot of what I share could be helpful for you! Or at least a start.

I’ll update this thread once done! Next few days, I hope.



I swear I haven’t forgotten :joy: I’ve figured out some optimizations to what I’m doing and am really excited to share them, it’s just funny how hard it is to make a shareable version of a thing that works for me.

I’ll try to wrap it up this weekend, and when I do, I’ll be sure to post to blog, here, and everywhere. I think what I’ve been making will prove helpful to others!



Look forward to hearing all about it.

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Okay, I may not be fast, but I’m slow. I’ve now posted my daily set up, which I hope creates a sense of workflow. at least in how I start my days. The crafting of Agenda URLs inside a note has been really helpful for me in managing through my days and my days’ commitments.

I’ll be posting more soon about how I append to these notes in rapid logging, but this creates the structure I like.

Hope this helps, would love to hear what you think!



Awesome shortcut @heyscottyj, really nice work and thanks for sharing!