Work together


You guys do have a beautyful app. But we’re missing one feature before we move :slight_smile:

I’m curious when I can work together on the same document (with my collegue)… now we need to share notes.

Is this on the agenda? And when is the ETA? :smiley:


We would like to do it, but it is not yet on the Agenda. We have some other features we need to tackle first.

In the meantime, you can export notes in a variety of formats, including as an Agenda Archive which gives your friends an identical copy.

I guess you could use a collaborative tool like Dropbox Paper or Google Docs just to write the note, and then copy it into Agenda when done.

Thanks for the feedback!

I’m looking to make the switch from Evernote (5+ years pro account) to agenda and the lack of sharing and collaboration is the one thing that’s really hold me back. I can live without other bells and whistles but this one’s essential for me.