WordPress Support?

Love the app, it is so flawless between devices, I use it to fill a lot of functions - and with the coming improvements you are working on, it will get even better.

Any chance you may consider adding a publishing for Wordpress? This would make it close to the ultimate tool for almost all my writing needs.

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I think that would probably be a bridge too far. Agenda is not designed as a blog posting tool, and we don’t want to burden it with a lot of functionality the really belongs to another type of tool.

What Agenda does have is copy/export as markdown and HTML, so you can use it to prepare blog posts, even if the last step involves a copy as markdown into your favourite blog tool.

Thanks for the feedback!

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If you are thinking of a function simular to that used in Bear notes, this is exporting the note in text bundle.

Could this be a possiblity in Agenda?

What is the problem that the solves? Is it that you want the attachments included? Eg. would you like a HTML with images export?

I would presume this would make it easier to publish form Wordpress: Bear did it like this

If you’re curious about the technical details of what’s going on: we built an open source library for processing TextBundle files. TextBundle is an open standard for sharing plain text files that include attachments like photos. WordPress then worked to add TextBundle support to its iOS app. Bear hands your note off to WordPress as a TextBundle file, and WordPress converts it into a blog post.

This also means that today’s update is not technically a custom Bear integration. The feature is built on an open standard and our open source library that other developers can integrate. Open standards for sharing files make us happy.

I presume ther eare also other benifits to text bundle, I personally dont use it, just pointing out how Bear does it and why. However I am keen that Agenda doesn’t become too cluttered, its great as is.

Thanks for the tip, it might fit within the context of some (early stage) idea we have.