Word docx export

We use internal tools in my org that only work with docx documents, not RTF. It would be great if I could export directly to an MS Word document rather than having to convert my RTF each time.


Thanks for the feedback. Will see if we can add this.

This would be helpful. I recently had to draft a number of documents, which I did in Agenda, and send them to different people for approval.

I exported as rtf and emailed them. People then made tracked changes in Word and sent the files back. Unfortunately, they saved the files in rtf and all the tracked changes were lost.

With the next batch I solved this with a clunky workaround: exported by Agenda as Markdown, opened in Byword, exported as Word.

A direct export to Word would be great.

I guess you need to open the doc in Word to see the track changes anyway, so not sure you will save much with a direct export to Word. Isn’t the problem just that the people didn’t think to use word format with the tracked changes? Doesn’t Word warn them they will lose the tracked changes?

I take your point that there are other issues here, but from my point of view, being able to share output from agenda in doc format without the kludge of going through Byword would make life easier!

Personally I think it’s one of the tragedies of the internet that most people expect to receive documents as doc(x) files, but we are where we are!

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Sure, but RTF was created by Microsoft, and is a native Word format. That’s partially why we haven’t really prioritized it. It’s something we will take along for future planning.

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