Word count and statistics

Can you add word count and statistics to notes? Would be a great addition for notes that need a max number of words.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added it to our feature request list.


+1. I know Agenda isn’t aiming to be a bells and whistles writing app, but Word (and Character) count would be really helpful.

Just needing to compose a 500 word project summary and doing it in Agenda makes sense, but for now I’ve had to open Pages.

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Just writing a funding application - each box say X words. I can copy and paste the basics from existing Agenda notes. Being able to select a paragraph or text and then right clicking to see the number of chars/words/ etc would be really helpful. i.e. not just the total for the note.

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I agree with those above about word count. Agenda is a perfect place to write a task paper, but they need to be limited to a certain length. Therefore, I would ask if you all could kindly add this feature. It has been some time since these entires above, and I know there has not been any movement made on this. Thank you.

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That would be a huge help to me, too!

hi Drew, any update on the implementation of word count and statistics for Agenda notes? It’s a pretty normal feature of just about any Word / Note app and I’m missing it repeatedly in Agenda. Always got to copy and paste my texts in another app….

Alas, no time frame yet I’m afraid.

Sorry to hear that. Lacking functionality like this keeps me from using Agenda as my day-to-day notes app. Though I love the look and feel of Agenda its the missing functionality that keeps pushing me to the other apps.

I like to bump this up again. I would like to use Agenda to draft tweets. Having a character count, as in Drafts of Ulysses would be very helpful using Agenda for drafting and collecting Twitter material.


That feature is already available :slight_smile: :

Thank you for the reply! This only counts the words in the note, but you cannot select a part of a note and see how many characters it has. So, it is not doing the trick, using words/characters while writing. I always wondered why people want such statistics, until I started using Twitter :slight_smile: So, what would be helpful (as for example in Ullysses) you mark a text and the menu that allows you to copy, paste etc has an item „statistics“ showing the character or word count.

On Mac I use the PopClip helper, which is fantastic for many things but also offers the count in a quick fashion (https://apps.apple.com/de/app/popclip/id445189367?l=en&mt=12)

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I often have to complete online forms, eg finding applications, that specify max words for each section. I’d like to draft the text in Agenda, but often end up using Pages or something with word count. Which means by copy of the text isn’t stored nicely in Agenda for future use.

I guess we could add something about the selected characters/words in the popover you get on the Mac when you click the little button left of the text. We have plans to change that popover to be related to selection, and maybe at that point, we could add the stats. What do you think?

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For preparing tweets for Twitter, it would be ideal to have the count available for the paragraph that one is writing. It is usually a forth and back, editing, deleting to get the wording of a tweet right. Having the count readily available, would help.

Marking a text and have a popover would also be great. This is how I do it on the Mac, using the PopClipp app. The equivalent on iOS would be the „Cut Copy Replace … „ thing.

Preparing a Twitter thread would also be then easily done in Agenda, plus one has a record/copy of tweets.

I think that would be good - so long as one could select multiple paragraphs for word count. Obviously not relevant to drafting tweets, but when drafting longer text to specific word counts, that text often has multiple paragraphs.

Yes, we are thinking about changing how that popover works, so it operates on selection rather than paragraph. That would then allow any selection.

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