Word count and statistics



Can you add word count and statistics to notes? Would be a great addition for notes that need a max number of words.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added it to our feature request list.


+1. I know Agenda isn’t aiming to be a bells and whistles writing app, but Word (and Character) count would be really helpful.

Just needing to compose a 500 word project summary and doing it in Agenda makes sense, but for now I’ve had to open Pages.


Just writing a funding application - each box say X words. I can copy and paste the basics from existing Agenda notes. Being able to select a paragraph or text and then right clicking to see the number of chars/words/ etc would be really helpful. i.e. not just the total for the note.


I agree with those above about word count. Agenda is a perfect place to write a task paper, but they need to be limited to a certain length. Therefore, I would ask if you all could kindly add this feature. It has been some time since these entires above, and I know there has not been any movement made on this. Thank you.


That would be a huge help to me, too!