Wondering how to use Footnote

I find the Make into Footnote feature interesting, but I still haven’t figured out the way to use it. Could anyone share an example of his use of it?

I usually use the Pin to Top feature to pin important information, the next steps of a project or lists of things that have to be easily accessible. You see the picture. But I have no clue about what I would incorporate in a Footnote and why I would do that.

Agenda has a policy of not deleting things by default. This means your projects may have stuff you don’t want to see much. You can collapse the notes, or send them to the bin, but another option is just to pin them to the bottom. This is what a footnote is: a note pinned to the bottom. For most people it’s a way to get the note out of the way, but not lose it. There may be other uses too, eg, for less important info.