Wireframe project from calendar

Hi team,

I’m loving Agenda the more I use it! Well spend money on the prime features.

Having said that… I’d like to share an idea about an additional premium feature. What about wireframing a project based on an ICS/iCal file or direct import from the calendars? For each calendar entry a single note is created. Does that make sense to any else than me?

Regards, Erik

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Not sure if I totally get your setup, can you give a concrete example of how you currently do this?

I guess it would be a way to turn a bunch of calendar events into new notes in one hit. Is that right?

Maybe better would simply be if we allowed you to drag one or more calendar events into a project in Agenda, and that autogenerated notes for the events. That would be a more user friendly version of your suggestion.

@drewmccormack You can already do that :smiley:

I just tried and it didn’t seem to work for me. Where do we need to drop them?

Either in the project itself or on the project in the sidebar, both should work. If it doesn’t work can you send me a screen capture of what you’re trying?

Ah, I see now that Drew is trying to drag an event from the Calendar app itself into Agenda, no that doesn’t work. Not sure that drag would even contain all the info to hook things up, plus not sure that makes sense as you open up to a issues with calendars being enabled in the Calendar app but not in Agenda etc. What I meant is, you can drag an event from the inspector on the right in Agenda into the notes area or the sidebar. If you have set up the events in the Calendar app already, they should become available for drag and drop in the inspector in Agenda.

Basically you capture my idea. From my perspective (and not sure if I’m alone with that), work on a project can start very differently. Sometimes I have a project idea and start from Agenda and map notes to events. But there are also situations where I start creating meetings in a calendar and would like to derive a project from such a set of events. (I typically create a dedicated calender for such a series of events., because I can then simply share the calendar. Does it become clear for you what I’m thinking?

Your idea of being able to simply drop calendar events into the Agenda would be nice different approach to achieve that.

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We will investigate whether it is possible. It depends a bit on what Apple make available to us when you drop. If it has enough information for us to make the link. We will see.