Windows 11 Support for Android Apps

Hi friends!

I know this question has been asked ad nauseam on here, so I’m sorry about that—I love and am content with just having Agenda on my phone—but I was wondering if Windows’ incoming support for Android apps could change the incentive structure to produce an Android version.

Keep up the great work!

I guess MS are just following Apple’s lead here, given iOS apps now run on Macs. I don’t know how many people actually use them there though. I have an M1 laptop, and have never installed an iOS app.

So I am not sure it really replaces a real Windows app, from a commercial view point. And we don’t have the expertise in Android or Windows that we have in Apple platforms. I think a web app is more likely than Android or Windows at this point, but they are all very far away at this point. Sorry.

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