Window Tabs

Has there been any discussion of adding tabs for showing additional notes? I recall seeing requests for the abilty to have more than one note open at a time–presumably as seperate floating windows.

If that is being strongly considered, allow me to throw the tabbed view into the mix as an option. It has similar but different workspace uses than floating windows. I’m sure you all know effects of the two by using something like Safari where you have the option of more windows or adding tabs.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll start with offering separate windows and if we see tabs become a popular request we’ll consider it.

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Whilst we don’t have tabs, a lot of the current UI does work in a similar way. Ie there is a single window, but many ways to move between two notes, like tabs. Eg. You can use the arrow navigation keys to go back to your last not (left bottom). You can also use the “Recently Edited” and “Related” on the right.

As an example, you could put the same tag in each of the notes you want to treat as tabs, and they would all show up in “Related” when you select any one of them.

So not exactly tabs, but a similar functionality where you have a list you can move between.

Multiple windows are coming very soon, and this was a logical first step, because many people need to see two notes at once on the screen.

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