Window size on launch

Agenda seems to not remember window size and place on the screen after restart.

This is annoying and should be changed.

It should do that. Sometimes that can be caused by the preferences being broken. Can you try restarting your Mac?

In the meantime I restarted two times. No change. Agenda does not remember window sizes.
Is there a pref file I may trash?


Yes. Choose Go > Go to Folder in Finder

Go into ~/Library/Containers/

Dig in until you find Library, and then Preferences. The file to trash should be or something like that. (Sorry not at my Mac)

Also worth restarting the Mac after trashing that file


Thank you for your support, Drew!
But the behavior of Agenda didn’t change after trashing the pref file and restarting the Mac. I think it is a bug.
Maybe it is a matter that I use two screens… Just my thought.


Attached I send you the pref file.
I think the string should change the numbers…

{720, 448}

com.momenta.agenda.macos.plist (134 Bytes)

Thanks! Would it be difficult to check if with only one screen connected Agenda does remember the window size?

I checked using Agenda only with my MacBook Pro, without a second screen.

I also once again deleted all .plist-files.

With no success. Agenda forgets all window positions and forgets also e.g. showing the „Show Related“ part of its window.


Same here. Agenda doesn’t remember window size and postion on launch.

From the various reports we’ve had the consistent cause seems to be a either a preference corruption or the system not allowing agenda to write to the preferences.
Have you tried to reboot your Mac?

Also experiencing this issue. I’ve tried resizing it both manually and with my Divvy hotkeys, and Agenda does not remember the window size in either case. My plist is located at ~/Library/Containers/com.momentum.agenda.macos/Container.plist but this may have to do with running macOS 10.14.4b3

Quitting Agenda, deleting the plist, and rebooting has no effect.