Window buttons and active window

I haven’t used Agenda that much yet, but so far it looks and works great.

Here is what I would like: I’m not sure whether this is a bug or a design choice, but what I don’t like is how those three buttons in the upper left corner (close, minimize, maximize) don’t have any colors unless you hover over them. Several times I found myself checking whether Agenda was in fact the active window.

Thanks for the feedback, Arjan.

It is a design choice. We wanted to have a particularly clean, uncluttered look, and these buttons fit better with that goal.

I can see what you mean by there not being many visual cues regarding active app window. We may be able to come up with something better for that. Will think about it.


I use MacOS Graphite scheme, so didn’t really notice the lack of coloured buttons.

Maybe you could make the sidebar follow MacOS transparency settings - that’s how I usually tell the window is active.

@boldfish good suggestion, will look into that

In the next update you’ll notice the sidebar change color (like the finder sourcelist) depending on whether Agenda is the front window.

Today’s c3 update includes the suggested changes to the sidebar when the app moves to the background, please let us know if you notice an improvement and how you rate things after this update. Thanks for the feedback!

…and for those of us who tend to keep the sidebar closed…?

In that case the difference is only visible if you have a note selected at the moment I’m afraid.