Will you make a widget for iOS?

I think it’s wonderful if there is a widget showing “Today” or “On the Agenda”.


Oh yes, especially with the ’new’ Widget feature for the iOS 13 Home Page. But, I would prefer only the Note Heading.

This is a great idea +1 in favor!

See this topic:

I agree, a widget with On Agenda and shows today with maybe the Header or the first line to help trigger the memory!

Love this app. Just bought the upgrade and learning it more and more

pencil Support and widget would be GREAT!! PLEASE PLEASE continue the great work!!!

We’d like to add one, it fits in our plans for some upcoming features, however first we need to make some architectural changes under the hood that allows us to among other things add a sharing extension. When that’s in place, a today widget would be possible too.

Oh please…make this the NEXT big thing!!!

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The two things we’re shifting attention to as we speak is localisation and a sharing extension…

I would like to add my voice to the chorus… i really hope sharing and today widget get added before my premium feature subscription ends in ~50 days, I have been wishing for this since I purchased the app and it feels like a fundamental feature

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Great feature for me, too.