Wiki-links Suggestion

Many apps that support the creation of wiki-links produce the closing brackets at the same time the user types the opening brackets. For example if I type [[ most apps will automatically add ]]

My copy of Agenda does not produce the closing brackets when I type the opening brackets and that creates a problem when I go and edit a piece of text, as the text that already exists is considered part of the wiki-link.

In addition when I select text in many apps and type the double opening bracket, or any character that has a corresponding opening and closing characters the app places both characters at either end of the selected text. This reduces friction.

Agenda is a rich-text editor by nature, which means that –just as with markdown– these kind of commands are meant as shortcuts that convert formatting and links to rich text rather than kept as the plain-text markdown commands. So once you type [[ you will see an autocompletion list or can continue typing the markdown syntax, but once you finish the syntax the text will be converted to a real link that you can only edit if you right-click it (or through command-K).