Wifi Sync (no cloud, no internet needed)

My idea takes up that of Enpass where each device holds its data locally and syncs to each other through a local wifi network.
In this way, no remote server will be needed: the data will never leave your devices to go elsewhere, but everything will happen within your wifi network, without any internet connection.

To understand how this synchronization works please refer to this link:

Thanks for the feedback. This type of sync would be possible in Agenda, because of the approach we take to sync, but it would require a lot of effort to do it, and there probably wouldn’t be a big market for it. The problem with this type of sync, which is actually how the original iPods etc used to work, is that you have to have your devices on the same network, and turned on, at the same time. For most people this is a step backwards from cloud sync, where you can make any edit at any time, and not be restricted by when devices are turned on.

Appreciate the feedback nonetheless. Thanks!

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