Widgets for Projects

A very useful feature (I had something similar on things 3) is to add the possibility to pick notes by project. I organize my iPhone springboard pages based on context, there’s a “work page” with apps and widgets that are work-related, a reading page with apps for news and stuff and so on. Adding this feature allows me to have an agenda widget for my work-related projects in the “work page”, and another in my “life page” with all the notes related to stuff like friends and family and so on.

Another use case scenario would be I just wanna focus on a project, so I can widget it in my iPhone home screen and glance it everytime

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How do you see this working? Just showing the first few notes in the project?

Note that widgets can’t scroll, so we can only show a few notes. Would you just want the first ones (or most recent) in the project?

The layout is exactly the same as the one you already have, you basically just need to add projects to the “Eligible Notes” when configuring the widget, now only the options [All, On the agenda, Today, Upcoming] are available.
It would serve both as a “top on the list glance” and a super quick access to the project.

The reason you can’t yet choose a particular project is of technical nature due to the way widgets work and the limited memory available when they run. We do have some improvements in mind that will make it possible in the future however.

Yeah :smiley: you gotta index those projects somehow i guess…
Cool to have anyway! Wish you good work :wink:

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