Widget features

I really love the simplicity of the widgets in Agenda. I use mine to keep my daily big 3 on my Home Screen and would love to suggest the following to make it even better:

  1. Allow the widget to inherit formatting from the app. For example, when I check off a task, strike through text or apply a list, these don’t show up on the widget.

  2. I have my widget set to show things on Today and I’d love to have the widget automatically open to the today view when I click on it. Same thing for if I have it set to pull from the Agenda, have it open the agenda page, etc.

Thanks for the feedback!

Showing any sort of note detail is tricky. We have very little space there, and the text view that is shown is very primitive, with no formatting. It’s really just enough info to recognize the note, so you can tap to go to it.

You will be happy to know we have some improvements to Widgets coming in Agenda 15, including the option to select a particular note to have linked from the widget.

I like your suggestion to open a particular overview when that was selected (eg Today). That makes sense. Will try to do that.

Oh that’s exciting to hear some updates are coming! I do think Agenda’s widgets are particularly useful and well designed, which is why I want more and more of them!

Makes sense on the formatting. I’ve seen other apps include formatting, but they aren’t nearly as robust as Agenda so I can see how adding too much formatting could be really cluttered.

I wonder if a middle ground would be to include simple formatting (Bold, Italics, Underline, strike-though) but not more complicated formatting such as lists, tasks, etc. Just a thought!

Or maybe make a separate type of widget that’s designed to be used to view just basic content? For myself, I use widgets to see the full context of my big 3 right on my Home Screen, I don’t use it as a preview of a note. So maybe there’s a solution for folks who use widgets to see content rather than just a quick way of opening the app.

Thanks for considering these things!

I think you have a very special use case. We never really thought people would try to use the widgets to read the content. It just doesn’t seem that useful for that, with such little space.

So am I right that you are using a single note (square) widget, and then read the top few items on your checklist there?

I guess something we could offer in future is one of the large widgets that shows a single note content. Then you could fit much more in, and it might be useful for viewing directly on the home screen. In that case, we would need to find a way to format the text. Perhaps just make a snapshot of the note in the app and show that image.

Food for throught. I’ll add this to our widget’s requests. Useful. Thanks!

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