Widget doesn’t work anymore

I have the problem that my widget on my MacBook suddenly doesn’t show anything anymore. Anyone else having problems with this or has a sollution for it? I have the newest update of the MacBook and the app.

Did you update the macOS or something like that? Sometimes that will do this.

In any case, open Agenda. That gives it a chance to update things. You might also want to make a small edit to a note, and wait 10s. That will ensure it should refresh the widget data.

You could try editing the widgets, and you could try restarting the Mac. Either might jolt it to start working. It does look like the OS is stuck in placeholder mode. Ie it isn’t really a problem in Agenda, but in the OS. Restarting could help.

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It doesn’t work after trying this:(

Very odd. All I can suggest is removing the widget and adding a new one there. Does that then work?